Sales Strategy


April 28 2017


1 day






3 500 UAH
(excluding VAT)

About the Program

Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University (LvBS) invites you to an educational workshop of one of the leading experts in sales in Ukraine – Oles Pishchak. Create a sales strategy of your company! That is one day that will change your approaches to commercial policy. As a result of the training you will get a ready sales strategy. Implement taken decisions - increase sales! Workshop participants will consider the types of strategies and instruments for sales, key KPI’s and models for building sales department. Besides, they will examine types of marketing communications, increase in productivity and distribution channels.  
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After attending the workshop, you will get:
- 50 ideas to increase the company’s level of sales
- The strategy for sales development of the company
- The defined key areas of increasing effectiveness
- Opportunity to exchange, get valuable business contacts and expand own outlook in the environment of Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University

After completing the program, participants will receive a certificate of Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University (LvBS).


ISSUES that will be considered by participants at the program:

  1.  “28 situations”. The solution of practical cases from different business areas. Modeling business situations
  2. Planning of sales
  3. Strategy Pull and Push
  4. 7Р. Pricing and pricing strategies. “How to sell for more?”
  5. Distribution strategy: features of work in key channels
  6. Communication with a client: types, effectiveness
  7. Sales strategy. Key indicators for the different phases
  8. Merchandising
  9. Sales model and methods for increasing the customer base
  10. Trade-marketing in different business areas
  11. The importance of reducing the length of contracts
  12. The points of contact and standards of business-processes. Field researches
  13. Key indicators of the sales staff efficiency. Incentive systems. The role of the control function in sales
  14. The bonus “How to build a team?”

 Structure of the program:
- 1 module
- module duration 1day [10.00-18.00]

For Whom

The program is designed for owners, CEOs, directors of marketing and sales, senior sales managers, the activity of which is related to formulation of sales strategies.


Oles Pishchak

Leading Small Business Effectively, Sales strategy

Contact Person

Natalie Petryshak

Executive Education program manager
  • + 38 (067) 67 566 08


Завершився дуже класний семінар “Стратегія продажу”. Реально мотивує до змін та активного продажу. Хоч і нема домашнього завдання, які частенько бувають у LvBS, прийшовши додому? сідаєш й плануєш нові дії? які точно покращать продаж. Це був дуже хороший тренінг з купою практичних кейсів за такий короткий час! І все було по ділу й без “води”.

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