Lead-IT: program for team leaders [Lviv]


April 20, 2018


5 months






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About the program

Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) invites you to participate in the executive education program – Lead-IT. The program is specially designed for Team Leaders in the technology area, where capability of managing professionals for agility and innovation is key. Those who are already in leadership positions but look for upgrading their skills and knowledge will benefit from the program.
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The successful participants of «Lead-IT», will obtain an International Certificate of London Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and Certificate of Lviv Business School (LvBS)of Ukrainian Catholic University.

The program consists of five segments (1 day per month):

Segment 1. Communicating with Impact (20 April)
Segment 2. Building Technology-led Teams (23 May)
Segment 3. Increasing Personal Effectiveness (11 June)
Segment 4. Managing People for Creativity and High Productivity (27 June)
Segment 5. Leading Knowledge-Intensive Teams for Innovation (25 July)

Prework before each segment to include:

  • Reading material;
  • Video links;
  • Questionnaires.

Activities during workshop:

  • Introduction to each topic;
  • Exercise/Role play;
  • Group discussion : learning outcome;
  • Relating this back to on the job.



Team Leaders will:

  • Learn how to communicate more impactfully with their team members leading to clearer conversations
  • Learn how to build collaborative, high performing teams that cooperate well with external stakeholders
  • Learn how to be assertive and proactive, dealing with conflict more effectively, and keeping the focus on results
  • Learn how to be inspire and influence their team members, inspiring innovation and success

For Whom

Lead-IT is the learning program, specifically designed for Team Leaders in the technology area, where capability of managing professionals for agility and innovation is key.



Overall I did like the program a lot. Even though I was already familiar with some subjects and techniques it was still pretty much interesting and useful for me. Because even on some known subjects I have got much deeper knowledge and understanding how some of them may be used in practice. Many subjects were new to me though. So these ones were especially useful.
I have positive feedback regarding Daniel as a speaker and teacher as well. His experience is great. And I like how deep his knowledge of subject is and how well structured were his replies to our questions.

Alex Boyko

A great program for the young professionals looking to develop their skills. I`ve learned a lot of interesting and useful information. Also systemized previously aquiried knowledge. Segments full of both theory and practise. Daniel is an awesome lecturer and professional. Highly Recommend!

Olexander Moklovych

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Юрій Пакліковський

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