Mychailo Wynnyckyj


Ph.D., Professor of LvBS Family Business Centre, management of business governance lecturer. He was awarded a degree of PhD in Economic Sociology in 2003 on presenting a dissertation on Entrepreneurship in post-Soviet Ukraine at Cambridge University (UK) .

Before he has been working as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing at LavaComputerMfglnc Company in Toronto for seven years. Under his rule there was a substantial growth of the company as well as spread of its activity all over North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

He has been a permanent resident of Ukraine since 2003. Amongst his successful projects there can be mentioned the establishment of President’s MBA at  kmbs in 2005, the establishment of first Ukrainian Doctoral School at National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (university subdivision thanks to which the European model of young scientist-phd-students/ doctoral students training was implemented) in 2008, the establishment of Winner company (car importer) Corporate University in 2013.

In some recent years after the Euromaidan Mykhailo was appointed as the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Councillor and elected as the Head of National Expert Group for Erasmus+ Higher Education Reforming. He deals with the introduction of a degree of Ph.D. instead of traditional Ukrainian ‘aspirantura’ and health care reforms as the head and councillor. He also has been a member of  Advisory Council of Ukrainian Leadership Academy for last three years.

He has been permanently delivering lecturers on Sociology at National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” for last eight years, consulting in the field of sales management and he was the chronicler at ShusterLive programme. That his minimal free-of-work time that on and off occurs is spent in his family circle with his four kids.

He conducts following courses at Lviv Business School : Sales Management, Business as a system, Management mechanisms for effective solutions.