The Medici Effect

The world bestseller in questions of innovations was specially chosen and translated by LvBS for the Ukrainian reader. In his book, translated into 17 languages of the world, Frans Johansson leads us through a way of creating innovations at the crossing of ideas and mindsets. A multi-branch investigation group makes a discovery how one can read a monkey’s thoughts. A chef mixes unexpected ingredients, such as sea urchins and lollipops, and changes the world of professional cooking. An engineer borrows data about the behaviour of forager ants to develop intelligence routs for drones in zones of hostilities.

The book ‘The Medici Effect’ is based on numerous bright stories about crossings in different branches such as business, science, art and politics. Among multiple examples – from a man who, on his own, without anyone’s help, created the first written language of the Cherokee tribe and taught others this writing to a group that broke the German code ‘Enigma’ during the II World War – readers will get to know how:

– to break associative barriers and look at problems from a new perspective;

– randomly but deliberately to link different conceptions;

– to switch from well-known surroundings and activities to the unknown;

– to act, notwithstanding the losses, to realise the ideas of Crossing.