April 27, 2020


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Financial Management [Lviv]

About the program

The knowledge of finances helps to better understand business, to plan realistic projects, and to make reasoned and effective managerial decisions. Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) offers the Financial Management Program for financiers - everything that financiers and company managers should know about building the finance system and management accounting! For two full days, the participants of the Program will plunge into the financial environment and work on ‘live’ cases. The main goal of the Program is to form the workers’ skills of building management accounting system.
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The Financial Management Program consists of 2 training modules lasting 2 days each.
After the first module, the participants will get their homework assignment to practice the gained knowledge immediately.

Module 1: 
April 27th-28th, 2020
Topics that will be addressed during the training:
● Organization of company finances: functions and organizational structure
● Functional areas of finances: financial accounting, tax accounting, management
accounting, financial management, and their combination
● Combining functional areas of finances on various stages of company development
● The concept of Controlling: principles of implementation within a company
● The principles of management accounting, differences between financial and management
accounting: practical aspects

● Costs: concept and classification
● Managerial classification of costs
● Costs allocation and tracing

Module 2:
May 25th-26th, 2020
Topics that will be addressed during the training:
● Accountability of business segments and decentralization
● Principles of building a KPI system
● Types of integration of financial and management accounting in a single information system
of a company
● Behaviour economy and its influence on managerial decisions
● Costs classification for relevant analysis and decision-making
● Typical managerial decisions and their relevant analysis


The skills the participants will gain during their studies:
● the ability to classify the costs into variable, traceable fixed and common fixed costs, and to distribute them to the objects of costs origin (business segments)
● combining variable costs calculation with cost absorption when making reports on marginal profitability of business segments
● making reports on marginal profitability of business segments
● drawing up a conceptual framework of the regulations on enterprise management accounting
● choosing a basic KPI system for the activity of enterprise departments

The participants will get a Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) Certificate after finishing this Program.

For whom

The Program is designed for financial managers, accountants, and financial analysts wishing to build or improve the management accounting system and KPI within their company – the system that helps with decision-making, and informs the interested managers about the value and profitability of company’s business segments, sales channels, particular products, and clients.


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