February 21, 2020


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Formula of Successful Project Management [Kharkiv]

About the program

Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) invites to take part in the education program «Formula of successful project management». During two days, the participants will consider the key issues of the project management and the ways to solve them, which can be implemented in any organization independent of field or size. They will obtain the tools that do not need a significant investment in technical systems, however, help to reach substantial improvement due to changes in human relations.
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At the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Effectively manage the price, terms and quality of the project, as well as to create and adapt  plans in response to external and internal problems;
  • Cooperate with the team in a professional manner;
  • Use the technological tools  for the rapid decision-making with different  stakeholders;
  • Determine the aims, restrictions, final results, and the project effectiveness criterion.

Educational Program

The focal points to be considered:

  1. Differences between projects and other types of operating activities. Features of project management and limited planning accuracy.
  2. Projects as tools for implementing the organization’s strategy. Project, program and project portfolio.
  3. The formulation of the project objective, the importance of the measured indicators of project success and the transition to understanding the content of the project.
  4. Stakeholders of the project whom you should not forget to consider when planning.
  5. Stakeholder persuasion algorithm. Work with high-level risks.
  6. Project Product Decomposition, Hierarchical Work Structure (HWS) and Goal Tree
  7. A plan as a logical sequence of tasks to be accomplished to achieve a goal. Network diagram as a basis for planning.
  8. Tasks performers or how to reduce the “human factor” while planning future work.
  9. Uncertainty, its classification and its impact on planning accuracy.
  10. Estimation of the project tasks duration. A tool for identifying risks and finding a balance between ‘cheap – qualitative – fast’.
  11. Deadlines for performers – are they always useful?
  12. Buffer as a tool for guaranteeing final dates in conditions of significant uncertaint
  13. Establishing a project monitoring system aimed at the rate of its implementation. The main pitfalls that cause delays in projects and how to deal with them.

For Whom

The program is meant for the people, who have already had an experience in projects management and this experience contains both positive and negative results.



I discovered the Lviv Business School at the beginning of 2016. During this period, had the honor to study at three programs, one of which – “The formula for successful project management.” The extraordinary atmosphere, professional speaker, interesting and useful materials transmitted skills and tools that she implements in her team. Recommend Lviv Business School of  UCU all those in search of knowledge, motivation, inspiration, new and interesting. LvBS – this is the place where you can learn a lot. 

Iryna Mandzij

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