Formula of successful project management


Autumn, 2017


2 days






5800 UAH
(excluding VAT)

About the program

On March 23-24  Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) invites to take part in the education program «Formula of successful project management». During two days, the participants will consider the key issues of the project management and the ways to solve them, which can be implemented in any organization independent of field or size. They will obtain the tools that do not need a significant investment in technical systems, however, help to reach substantial improvement due to changes in human relations.
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Educational Program

The focal points to be considered:

  1. Obscure objectives wording. To what problems it may lead and how to solve them.
  2. Practical acceleration of the project execution: what to do in a different way in order to accelerate the generation of the results.
  3. Pragmatic planning of the project: how to plan rapid and reliable projects?

Detailed structure of the program

A form of consideration of the proposed tools – project-case, which will be close and clear to the audience. It will allow studying effectively putting the tools into practice.


At the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Effectively manage the price, terms and quality of the project, as well as you will be able to create and adapt the plans in response to external and internal problems;
  • Cooperate with the team in a professional manner;
  • Use the technological tools in the course of communication and interaction with a team for the rapid decisions taking;
  • Determine the aims, restrictions, final results, and the project effectiveness criterion.

For Whom

The program is meant for the people, who have already had an experience in projects management and this experience contains both positive and negative results.


Serhiy Potapov

Formula of successful project management program lecturer

Contact person

Igor Kryvyy

Executive Education manager
  • +38 (063) 178 37 66


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