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GoExport: entering new markets [Kyiv-Lviv]

About the program

Ukrainian manufacturers are increasingly eager to conquer new markets and familiarize foreign buyers with Ukrainian goods, but great prospects come hand in hand with no lesser risks, due to which many entrepreneurs do not dare to scale in global markets. The UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) invites Ukrainian small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to a comprehensive export program "GoEXPORT: entering new markets", funded by the EU 4Business  initiative and implemented by the EBRD.
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The program will help the  participants:

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of what businesses need to do to start exporting or entering new markets;
  •  to study all components of export activity;
  • analyze their own product, understand what should be done  to enter new markets, and assess the risks involved in launching export as well;
  • gain knowledge of international practices and analyze foreign cases;
  •  study practical experience of successful sales and negotiations with foreign partners, as well as preparation for exhibitions and trade missions;
  • get a unique opportunity to create successful networking in the field of export activity of textile enterprises;
  • together with teachers work on practical cases of business entry into the foreign market;
  • instantly apply new tools to their own     business model   while writing  own project – a roadmap for the company to enter new markets – and get expert feedback.

Upon completion of the program, the participants will receive a certificate from the UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS)


Module 1. Kyiv (3 days)

Day 1.  Export strategy.Sales

  • Export Ability: Is the company ready for export? Stages of entering new markets
  • Tools, company exit strategy and partner search: A systematic approach
  • How to translate a success story from an export, mistakes analysis
  • Analysis of your own sales strategy
  • How to analyze and increase the attractiveness of your offer in the market

Day 2. Marketing Strategy

  • Market analysis and country selection for export
  • Product analytics and its benefits: how to choose / adapt the product for export or offer a new product to the market
  • Analysis of the client (b2b, b2c) and his needs
  • Brand positioning: how to find a unique place in the market
  • Analysis of foreign trade statistics based on open sources of information

Day 3. Export Financial Planning

  • Export finances. Key reports and financial performance.
  • Financial planning as an element of a business model for export
  • Financial Intelligence: P&L, profit and cash items
  • Principles of building a financial model for efficient exports

Module 2. Lviv (3 days)

Day 1. Negotiation. Exhibitions and trade missions.

  • Unique offer: competitive advantage of your brand
  • Cross-cultural diplomacy
  • Intercultural Behavioral Models: What to Know and Consider
  • Negotiation Language: An algorithm for a successful negotiation process
  • Rules for doing business correspondence: how to avoid common mistakes
  • Exhibitions and trade (b2b) missions in the context of communication
  • Preparing for exhibitions and missions: what to know?

Day 2. Export operations & logistics. Contracts.

  • Basic transport and shipping documents
  • Customs clearance of export of goods from Ukraine: main stages, risks and mistakes
  • Documents for customs clearance
  • Rules of origin of goods. How to confirm the “Ukrainian” origin of the product?

Day 3. More opportunities for SMEs.

  • Financial opportunities and support programs for Ukrainian SMEs
  • Presentation of export strategy project of your own company

For whom

The program is designed for entrepreneurs, owners and top-managers of companies, export managers.

It is necessary for those who:

  • creates, implements and promotes its own brand in Ukraine;
  • who need help in entering new markets and helping to promote their brand abroad;
  • wants to gain practical and systematic knowledge of key stages of export activity, search for partners, negotiation, participation in international exhibitions and trade (b2b) missions;
  • wants to build an international brand and to understand what digital tools to use for direct sales abroad.


Selection criteria for participants *:

  • Existing / potential textile exporter 
  • The company officially registered in Ukraine
  • The company represents small and medium-sized businesses (from 10 to 250 employees)
  • At least 51% of the company’s shares are owned by Ukrainian citizens (according to the Charter)
  • Participant guarantees coverage of 50% of the cost of participation in the Program, the other 50% of the cost of the Program are covered by the EU under the EU4Business initiative
  • Good reputation for SMEs
  •  Fluency in English is an advantage

* no more than two participants from one company



Contact person

Roksolana Dayoglu

Executive education program manager of LvBS
  • +38 (096) 141-62-45
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