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Leading organisations in a new era

This is a unique program for leaders of the highest levels by the Ivey business school (Western university of Ontario, Canada) and the UCU Business School.


Spring 2024


3 days

Languages of the course

English and Ukrainian



Effective leadership during this new era is a function of competence, character, and commitment – qualities that society needs most during times of crisis. Currently, leaders at all levels in Ukraine and around the world are facing serious challenges. How they behave and the decisions they make will separate the mediocre leaders from the truly great ones. The importance of good leadership will only continue to grow, as we all continue to navigate highly volatile, complex, and ambiguous situations. The UCU Business School, in collaboration with the the Center for Leadership of UCU and Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership (Ivey business school, Western university of Ontario, Canada), has developed a unique program for top-tier leaders. This program will address the most pressing issues, from the role of a leader as a mentor and coach to working with war-fatigued individuals; from effective communication with stakeholders during times of war to rebuilding trust after an organizational crisis, and determining key leadership indicators.
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Blocks that will be covered over the course of three instructional days:

1. Leader’s Character. The Model of 11 Virtues. Character and Changes.

  • Why is a leader’s character important and how should one follow it correctly?
  • How is organizational culture linked to a leader’s character?
  • What are the most relevant systemic tools for working with character and organizational culture today?

2. Leadership Development, Mentoring, and Coaching.

  • Career derailment: causes and its impact on employees.
  • What is the leader’s role in talent management?
  • Utilizing mentoring and coaching in teams.
  • How to manage your leadership career?

3. Leader’s Determination and Courage.

  • Cultivating the leader’s courage and resilience.
  • Methods for problem-solving in the workplace.
  • Establishing trust in relationships with teams.

4. Being a Leader in a VUCA-Environment. Leadership and Commitment.

  • Leader’s commitment: why is it important?
  • Key Leadership Indicators.
  • Fundamental elements of organizational development.

5. Leader and Change Management.

  • The process of change management in an organization.
  • Assessing competencies and character traits of the leader.
  • The leader’s influence on the change management process.

6. Conflicts in Teams.

  • Change of leadership within a team: main challenges and issues.
  • Shifting from a “me” to a “we” culture paradigm.
  • The process of shaping leadership purpose.

7. Mental Health in Organizations. How to Prevent Losses Due to Low Employee Health?

  • How to enhance resilience in a team and prevent emotional issues?
  • Supporting employees’ mental health.
  • Reintegration of veterans into the workforce.

8. Lessons in Organizational Resilience.

  • The role of character in building organizational resilience.
  • Tools for achieving resilience. How leaders can run an ultra-marathon?

Each module of the educational program will be accompanied by a case study.


Upon completion of the program, you will:

  • Understand the fundamental tools for working with organizational culture and values within the organization; take this into account in your activities in conditions of uncertainty.
  • Learn what leaders in your organizations should focus on during crises and uncertainty.
  • Learn how to work with tools for rapid analysis of your organization.
  • Acquire tools for successful monitoring and coaching of your team.
  • Familiarize yourself with the method of assessing leaders through Key Leadership Indicators.
  • Obtain tools for tracking Mental Health in your organization.
  • Familiarize yourself with crisis communication rules.
  • Develop your courage and resilience to make important decisions.
  • Begin the process of shaping your leadership purpose (and the associated core principles).
  • Learn to analyze the environment for uncertainty and adapt it quickly to change.
  • Discover how to facilitate the adaptation and integration of employees returning from the front lines.

The program is designed for the top-management of technological companies, namely:

  • owners, founders and CEO;
  • HR Business Partners;
  • other top-management leaders (СОО, СFO, СIO, etc.);
  • participants, who seek to find out more about leadership by means of international-level Case studies.
Iryna Paslas
Manager for the Executive education department