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July 7


3 workshops

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Business Strategies Marathon

Program for management teams (3-4 participants from one company)

About the program
Many business strategies created before the start of a full-scale war now need significant revision. Plans created under other conditions have become obsolete: the economic landscape, the needs of potential and existing customers have changed. Many businesses have suffered significant resource losses. Strategies that used to be efficient in business no longer work. Instead, the need for business development measures and achieving competitive advantage remains relevant. UCU Business School invites you to the Business Strategies Marathon program, which will provide an understanding and a specific algorithm for rapid team strategy in crisis situations.
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  • Features of the strategic cycle, change of classical approaches. Opportunities and limitations of strategy in times of crisis. BANI world. The meanings embedded in the strategy. Involvement of the team in the strategic cycle. The critical importance of speed.
  • Setting up for strategic work. As-is analysis tools. Environment. Force field analysis.
  • Planning horizon (weeks-months-quarters). Team ideas generation tools. The image of the result and key performance indicators. Validation of ideas.
  • Barrier analysis tools. Internal constraints, external risks. Approaches to scenario planning.
  • Tools for creating an action plan. Priorities. Peculiarities of the division of responsibilities.
  • Integration. Decision-making. Flexibility of the strategic plan and its correction. Implementation of the strategic cycle in the company’s processes.

The program consists of a series of workshops and further accompaniment of participants

  1. Workshops. 3 online meetings for 4 hours each (with breaks). Each team (3-4 people from the company) will work on their real strategy. Participatory approaches to strategy will be used.
  2. Between the training days of the workshop, participants will have additional tasks for teamwork.
  3. After the workshops, there will be one meeting to evaluate the results and analysis, barriers and adjustments to the strategic plan.
  4. Interim report of the teams – 2 weeks after the end of the marathon.
For whom

The course will be useful for:

  • middle and small business management teams,
  • autonomous management teams responsible for creating strategies.

Program participants are expected to:

  • create a new business strategy that works in a crisis;
  • understand how to achieve the desired financial results through strategy;
  • master the peculiarities of strategy in times of crisis and mechanisms for rapid implementation of decisions in conditions of high uncertainty;
  • learn how to quickly create a full-scale strategy and convert it into specific business processes: from customer engagement to human capital management;
  • get a set of tools and templates that can be used in their company
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Learning & development manager
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