August 5, 2020


3 days






6500 UAH (excluding VAT)

Marketing Tools to Grow a Business During the Crisis [Lviv]


The market has been changing rapidly since March this year. Customer behavior and expectations are changing all the time, and often this forces businesses to restructure and transform their marketing strategy very fast, constantly adapting them to the situation. Despite tighter conditions or limited budgets, companies need to work even harder now to stay ahead of the competition.
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Day 1

Oleksiy Filanovskiy is a CEO and founder of Filberry, author of the books “The Book of Marketing ” and “Game in Brands”.

– How does marketing work in different types of markets? What tasks should be set before marketing depending on the market situation.

– Market and competitive analyses. How to stay on top of the situation in your industry.

– Development of a high-quality consumer portrait. The basic knowledge about insight search.

– Why do we need a brand? Creating, positioning of it. Delivering on the brand promises.

Day 2

Vladimir Melnyk is an Assistant Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behavior at the Department of Business Administration at Carlos III University of Madrid.

Halyna Yanyshivska is a marketing and PR director of LvBS

– How to determine the target audience. What should be considered in creating advertising campaigns for different consumer groups.

– Three ways of forming consumer preferences and their attitude to products and brands.

– The use of influence tools in the development of marketing campaigns. Brainstorming and presentation of marketing campaign ideas.

Day 3

Taras Vasylyshyn and Pavlo Lysyi – founders of the digital agency «PANEM».

– Digital strategy development: main principles and possible pitfalls.

– Basic skills for implementing digital strategy. What you need to know for running business online effectively.

– Unit-economy for Internet marketing: evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

– How to choose the relevant digital marketing platform and channel for your business.

– Business analytics: what KPIs should a business owner set for the quality implementation of a digital strategy?


During the program, participants will:

  • analyze marketing as a system and try to re-evaluate its role in the company;
  • learn how to correctly determine the target audience;
  • understand how consumers’ preferences for products and brands are formed;
  • practice how to use these tools to develop their marketing campaigns.


The course is designed for:

  • small and medium entrepreneurs who understand the importance of using marketing tools in a crisis and seek to learn to use them for their own;
  • marketers who are planning or already working on developing a new business strategy.


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