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March 1, 2022


2 days





Business Partnership

About the program
UCU Business School invites you to the “Business Partnership” training program. Knowledge gained during the training will help business owners avoid common mistakes and create a solid foundation for doing joint business. During two days of theoretical training, working on carefully selected practical tasks, group discussions with experienced teachers, as well as discussions with representatives of partner business, you will learn how to find a reliable partner, ensure a successful dialogue, legally form mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, prevent crisis situations or review a form of partnership and make changes that will contribute to the development of the company in the future.
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Block I. Partnership: what? how? why?

• business partnership myths
• who doesn’t need partners?
• the biggest challenges in doing business together
• how to find your “partner”?
• how to avoid the most common mistakes in choosing a partner: not to choose a similar one, the risks of partnership and friendship, toxic partners?
• how to negotiate?
• how to understand motivation in partnership?
• defining roles in the partnership?
• key arrangements at the beginning of a partnership: where to start, how to negotiate, why to document and when to agree on changes?
• why withdrawal from a partnership should be negotiated upon entry and how to do it?
• legal registration of the partnership.

Block II. Conflicts: the end or the new start?

• communication in partnership
• how to rate, criticize and give to each other feedback?
• why changing agreements in course of partnerships is normal, how often, and how to do it?
• the nature of human trust: how to develop it in partnership and what to do when you lose it?
• most frequent conflicts in partnership – the cause and the solution, the principles of agreement and principles of pre-agreement
• legal solution of conflicts: withdrawal from partnership vs. a new form of arrangement
• mediation as an alternative way of dealing with conflict situations.


As a result of the program, participants will discover the benefits and opportunities of affiliate business and the myths about it, learn how to choose “their” partner and how to share roles in the joint business, as well as the potential threats and methods to prevent them.

For whom

For business owners who:

• start a joint venture and from the start want to negotiate favorable terms for both parties;

• already run a joint venture and want to change areas of responsibility and adjust prior arrangements;

• have had a bad partnership experience, but still are ready to make another attempt.

Contact person
Olena Peshko
Learning & development manager
  • +380983503556