January 28, 2022


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Post-COVID Marketing Strategies for top managers

This is a unique case-based program for top managers by Ph.D. Joe M. Pons (Founding Partner and President of AXIOMA Marketing Consultants) and the UCU Business School.


UCU Business School invites you to the unique case-based program for top managers. The program is designed by Ph.D. Joe M. Pons (Founding Partner and President of AXIOMA Marketing Consultants) and is based on world case practices of market leaders - Purple Innovation, Inc., Harvard Business School, Zoom Video Communications.

The program is designed to show how strategic decisions could be taken and understood on the level of the CEO, Marketing Director, Sales Director, HRD, owners, and other top managers of the company. Furthermore, the participants will understand what are the lessons of the COVID pandemic for business and strategic marketing and find out the examples of COVID implications in the field of brand positioning, flexibility, growth in European business practices.

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You will work with 3 unique cases:

«Digital Marketing at Harvard Business School Online» Case study:

  • You will understand Industry Evolution (and revolution);
  • You will find out what Industry Evolution means for organizations.
  • You will understand what opportunities exist beyond paid media to accelerate growth;
  • You will find out what lessons does HBS Online provides for an organization that is planning to start its own digital initiative;

In July 2020, the management team of Harvard Business School Online (HBS Online) had to decide how to allocate its marketing budget for the fiscal year 2021 between various digital channels and its portfolio of courses. Since its launch in 2014, HBS Online had grown to almost USD60 million in revenue and there were concerns about its potential overlap with other HBS programs such as executive education and Harvard Business Publishing. The growth of HBS Online also raised questions about the potential brand dilution of HBS.


«Purple Innovation: The online to offline marketing dilemma» Case study:

  • You will understand Go-To-Market Challenges;
  • You will find out how (and when) to stretch value propositions to new contexts;
  • You will explore how to implement omnichannel strategies: communication ingredients and management mindset.
  • You will formulate an explanation of the rise of the new wave of DTC mattress companies;
  • You will find out what is Purple’s value proposition;
  • You will find out  what challenges will be encountered as we move to offline channels;

Could the company continue to rely on its previous digital advertising approach to drive offline sales? If so, how, and, if not, what other media outlets and messaging should be considered? The case forces students to analyze the digital strategy the company had previously used to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in online sales, and then propose a communication plan for generating 30% of sales offline. In doing so, students grapple with delineating the customer journey for buying a mattress online and in stores. The case can also serve as a vehicle to discuss the scaling challenges many disruptor DTC brands face.


«Zoom Video Communications: Eric Yuan’s Leadership During COVID-19» Case study:

  • You will understand how to convert pandemic-period growth into long-term competitive advantages.
  • You will find out how are the dynamics of Zoom’s user base and utilization likely to change after social distancing becomes less necessary. How can the company prepare for that change?;
  • How can Zoom best capitalize on its current momentum?
  • You will find out an evaluation of Eric Yuan’s leadership during the COVID-19 crisis.

In the first half of 2020, worldwide lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic brought explosive growth to the Zoom Video Communications platform, as people replaced in-person work and social events with videoconferencing. Months into the pandemic, CEO Eric Yuan reflects on his company’s new central role in society and considers how to leverage the platform’s broad adoption into sustainable future growth. The case also discusses Zoom’s internal culture – which prioritized employee and customer happiness – as well as how both the company and its customers faced the transition to remote work.


Case discussions will be complemented by lectures /open discussions where new frameworks will be revealed and evaluated.


After the program you will:

  • Understanding the new role of various marketing communication vehicles along with the different phases of the customer journey;
  • Looking at emerging media options to reach and influence consumers;
  • Role of digital products in the overall portfolio of a business;
  • Evolution of digital strategy in an organization;
  • Allocation of marketing resources in the new context: ROI. Marketing attribution;
  • Assess challenges and opportunities companies face in navigating towards an omnichannel strategy;
  • Branding: the new road from awareness to loyalty;
  • Multichannel: designing, managing, and leading.

The program is designed for the top-management of B2C, B2B, (Mobile Communications, Agro, Retail, Marketing Agencies, Tech companies), namely:

  • CEO;
  • Marketing Director;
  • Sales Director;
  • HRD;
  • Owners;
  • Other TOP managers of the company.
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