December 10th, 2020


5 courses, 3-4 days per course






400$ per 3-days course
600$ per 4-days course

Special offers (discount):

3 courses – 5%
4 courses – 7%
5 courses -10%

Technology Management: Certificate Program


On the high demand of the business, we are glad to announce that we are launching the new online Certificate Program in Technology Management. The program consists of several mandatory courses that are part of the Master's program and divided into areas: technology, business, and soft skills development. Each course aims to acquire the necessary knowledge in a specific field. During the program participants will develop a vision of technology business, combine technical and business competencies, as well as strengthen their knowledge in finance, personnel management, and leadership. The certification program also gives a better understanding of the Master's program. Upon successful completion of all five courses and an introductory interview, participants are given the opportunity to continue their studies at the MSc in Technology Management with a discount.
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The program will start in December 2020, with an interval of 1 course for 1 month. The final course of the program is scheduled for May 2021.


The program includes 5 courses:

  • December 10-12, 2020 (3-days online course, 15 hours in total)

Course: Financial Decision Making

Professor: Yuri Zayarny. Guest Speaker Mark Shuper.

Overview: The course discusses concepts and decisions in financial management with a focus on the IT sector. The course will introduce:

  • basic understanding of financial statements and different business models
  • foundations of financial analysis and overview of key financial measures
  • investment analysis and value creation based on DCF techniques (discounted cash flows, time value of money, etc.)

Participants will work on the case study that has all the components of decision making covered during the previous sessions and will make their group presentation on the final day.


  • January 28-30, 2021 (3-days online course, 15 hours in total)

Course: Transformational Leadership

Professor: Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi. Guest speaker from Ivey Business School

Overview: Coming Soon!


  • March 4-6, 2021 (3-days online course, 15 hours in total)

Course: Digital Disruption

Professor: Alejandro Danylyszyn

Overview: Coming Soon!


  • March 25-27, 2021 (3-days online course, 15 hours in total)

Course: HR management in technological companies

ProfessorOleksandra Alkhimovych

Overview: During this course, you will learn about:

  • HR management as an integral competence of a modern manager
  • Building an effective team
  • Employee research and involvement in technical professions
  • Employees adaptation and integration
  • Employees’ results evaluation
  • Employees motivation and development
  • Corporate culture


  • May 12-15, 2021 (4-days course in the hybrid format (online/offline)*, 24 hours in total)

*If the pandemic situation won’t allow us to do, the course will be switched to the online format

Course: New Technological Entrepreneurship

Professors: Sev Onyshkevych, Jack Henneman, Howard Nelson, Joseph Studholme

Overview: We intend this course to:

  • (mindset) enhance participants’ entrepreneurial and problem-solving mindsets
  • (skillset) help participants understand the startup “ecosystem,” better structure entrepreneurial companies and projects, present these and communicate about their projects with external parties (investors, employees, prospects)
  • (toolset) provide a methodology of preparing a viable entrepreneurial plan


By the end of the program participants are expected to:

  1. Combine and strengthen technical and business competencies
  2. Improve understanding of processes in technology companies
  3. Improve the management and leadership skills


By the end of the program participants will get:

  1. Lviv Business School (LvBS) of UCU certificate (after each course)
  2. Opportunity to continue the studies in the MSc program (admission to the rules of enrollment)
  3. Upon successful completion of all 5 courses and an introductory interview, participants are given the opportunity to continue their studies at the MSc in Technology Management with a discount


The Certification Program in Technology Management is created for:

  1. Managers and top managers of technology companies
  2. Business owners in the technological sphere
  3. Teams or individuals who want to better understand the technological companies


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