February 27, 2020


2 days






6 000 UAH
(excluding VAT)

Price for 2 participants

11 000 UAH
(excluding VAT)

School of Professional Administration [Lviv]

About the Program

Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) invites administrators, office managers, office secretaries, assistants and personal assistants to take part in the program of training and professional development. If business owners want their team to be determined to achieve the result, not only should they think about the development of top management, but also about people who directly deal with business. Those who come to you for the first time will judge the professional level of your company by the level of your administrator's professionalism. So take care of the development of your team and help your administrators understand and strengthen your company's brand.
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Навчальна програма складається із таких частин:

  • Професія, яку недооцінюють. Міфи та легенди. Скляна стеля для кар’єрних можливостей.
  • Все починається з «вчасно». Управління власним і чужим часом.
  • Клієнтський менеджмент для секретаря та адміністратора. Психологія Клієнта
  • Діловий етикет. Стресостійкість. Робота в умовах конфліктів.
  • Етикет як прояв поваги до себе та оточуючих.
  • Dress to express (yourself): як бути собою і працювати на імідж компанії
  • Ергономіка робочого простору.
  • Travel management і Google management: як розібратись у лондонському метро, не виходячи з офісу?
  • Організація зустрічей, нарад та інших досконалих заходів для бездоганної репутації

Структура програми:

27-28 лютого 2020, щодня з 10:00 до 18:00

Educational Program

  • A profession that is underestimated. Myths and legends. A glass ceiling for career opportunities.
  • Everything starts with “on time”. Management of your own time and the time of others.
  • Client management for a secretary and an administrator. Client’s psychology
  • Business etiquette. Stress resistance. Work in the conditions of conflicts.
  • Etiquette as a way to show respect for yourself and others.
  • Dress to express (yourself): how to be yourself and work for the company’s image
  • Ergonomics in the workplace.
  •  Travel management and Google management: how to gain insight into London Underground without leaving your office?
  •  Organization of meetings, conferences, and other perfect events for impeccable reputation.

The program will start on 27-28 of February 2020 (2 days) from 10-00 to 18-00.


Destroying social stereotypes, the program aims to inspire, set high professional standards and make participants fully appreciate the significance of the service function. In order to cover the full range of competences and job descriptions, the training program is planned in the same way as a full cycle of a working day, taking into account all the tasks that employees have to deal with.

Participants will receive:

  • theoretical and practical knowledge of the basics of business, speech and everyday etiquette;
  • skills in written and telephone communication, communication with the press;
  • training in the efficient organization of the document flow, ergonomics in the workplace, and rational planning of the office space in general;
  • practical advice on time management and understanding of the value of time;
  • increase of emotional intelligence and stress resistance;
  •  development of skills related to effective and easy communication with clients (identification of a person’s psychotype and behavior strategies).

For Whom

  • For administrators, office managers, office secretaries, assistants and personal assistants who want to be at the top of their profession and to constantly improve themselves.
  • For companies that need a professional administrator who will be both a worthy face of the company and a reliable rear and back office.



As a rule, secretarial courses are aimed at familiarizing participants with the list of job descriptions. The course of Nataliya Kadya is not about job descriptions, it is about care and attention. Mistakes are a normal thing; time management is about priority and about important things; business etiquette, pronunciation and diction, dress code concern your business. The difference between a good secretary and a professional lies in the ability to offer a manager something, about which they have started thinking a moment ago. And now I know this.

Administrative assistant of a managing partner at a law firm

The training program for secretaries and administrators is the best training platform both for beginners and for experienced administrative staff. This course is about life and about love for a profession, because it teaches one simple truth: the best reward is to love what you do and do what you love.

Ruslana Ihnatyeva

Human resources director at DHL Expree Ukraine

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Nataliya Kadya and her course, which not only helped me improve my professional knowledge and skills, but also inspired me to new achievements and accomplishments. Now I know for sure why you should get out of your comfort zone, how to plan your time as efficient as possible and how to set the right priorities, why you should create your own brand, and how to do this. Having passed this course, I do not want to stay put, I want to reach new peaks and improve myself.

A receptionist. Consulting company

Contact Person

Андріанна Білаш

Менеджерка програм управлінського розвитку
  • +38 (073) 145-23-91
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