October 28, 2021


3 days




12 500 UAH
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Sales Management

About the program
Lviv Business School of UCU is inviting to enroll on the «Sales Management» educational program, during which the participants will have the opportunity to elaborate the sales strategy taking into account the peculiarities of their businesses as well as the market opportunities. The participants will have a chance to get familiarized with the main competences of sales managers, their motivation systems (in particular, by means of financial and non-financial rewards), and the principles of corporate organization which would provide for the efficient performance of a sales department.
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Educational Program

The topics which will be covered in the course of studies:

  • Sales and the specificity of communication: what the head of the sales department should know/teach.
  • Customer types. What kind of a sales manager specifically your company needs.
  • The communication triangle: the company, its employees and customers. Sales specificity in the service sector, В2В sales and the distribution system.
  • Forecasting: objective and subjective methods. Major trends in the business environment.
  • The cooperation between the sales and marketing departments within the company.
  • The company’s brand – the seller’s brand: how to strike a balance? Is it necessary to struggle with the so-called «stars»?

In the course of studies the participants will work on the team projects.


Having covered the course syllabus you will receive:

  1. A thoroughly elaborated sales strategy of the company
  2. The encouragement models and corporate organization of the sales departments system.
  3. Sales management tools to enhance productivity
  4. The awareness of the key steps in the sales process which will allow setting your managerial priorities right
For Whom

The program is elaborated for:

  • Heads of sales departments
  • Heads of marketing departments
  • Businesses owners
  • Commercial directors
Contact person
Khrystyna Horna
Learning & development manager
  • +380 67 672 5800