The Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytskyi and the Principle of Positive Sum by Myroslav Marynovych


The book is a substantial analysis of the Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytskyi’s ministerial heritage as being (or not being) in line with the methodological principle that is now known as the principle of positive sum, or a win-win. The Metropolitan derived the genesis of this way of thinking from theology, and the author of this book finds the examples of its use by the Metropolitan himself in Andrei Sheptytskyi’s Letters in the sphere of economic relations, national relations, statecraft, interfaith and interreligious relations. To this scholarly research the author added his own views on the role that the principle of positive sum and Metropolitan Andrei’s formula can play in the nearest future of Ukraine and the world. The book was published in Ukrainian by The Old Lion Publishing House in collaboration with Lviv Business School of UCU.


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