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10 years LvBS! Happy together with you

The Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) was founded in Lviv 10 years ago by the Ukrainian Catholic University and the leading companies from various fields. School’s mission: Ukraine on the business map of the world. It is accomplished every day with every step we take: through teaching participants from various business areas on four professional master’s degree programs and managerial development programs. Over the past 10 years, the number of graduates of master’s programs per year has grown nine-fold. In 2010, the first 5 participants completed Key Executive MBA; in 2017, already nearly fifty participants completed training on four master’s programs. 23% of our Alumni are from other Ukrainian cities, and foreigners will join training later. Students in our school are taught by 23 foreign teachers; part of the programs are taught either exclusively in the English language, or in two languages. In 2016, the School obtained international accreditation of the Central and East European Management Development Association. More important facts about Lviv Business School…

Andriy Kostiuk talks about business ethics and trends that catch up with us

“Whether we want this or not, we must make the process of learning our way of life, regardless of the field of our work, or status.” On the eve of the 10th LvBS anniversary we talked with Andriy Kostiuk–partner of the Pavlenko & Partners Legal Group, Nexia Ukraine president, and member of the Lviv Bar Council – about global trends in education from which you cannot escape, about business ethics, and whether it exists at all.

Andriy Khudo talks about conquering the world

“The idea that Lviv needs a strong business school was in the air for a long time. And more than 10 years ago, it became a reality thanks to the Ukrainian Catholic University and the business,” recalls LvBS creation a member of the School Advisory Board, co-founder of the !FEST Holding of Emotions, Andriy Khudo: “The business school gives people understanding of the fact that you need to keep up with changes. It shows, and people follow the trend. You definitely should not rest on your laurels, but continue to develop this platform in order to search for innovations and inspiration for people. I want the next 10 years to be even greater for the School. Let’s conquer the world together!