Halyna Yanyshivska

A practicing Marketing Expert with over 15-year experience. Her career path involved a job in journalism and as a PR Manager, finally leading her to a position of a Marketing Director. Halyna is an author and ideologist of the «Halychyna» dairy-products brand (in 2009-2013 the Ukrainian yoghurts of «Halychyna» brand were leaders in their category, bypassing some foreign companies). She was among the participants of «The First Ukrainian Museum of Brewery» project for «Lvivske» TM. Until recently, she has held the position of the Marketing Director at «Concern Khlibprom» PJSC, where she started the «Bread Lvivskyi» trade mark.

In 2017, she founded the «MATE» agency. Halyna is actively involved in working with small and medium-sized businesses, which she believes are the driving force of economic development which undoubtedly most require quality marketing assistance. Areas of competence: strategic and tactical planning, auditing of marketing activities, comprehensive promotion both through traditional channels and on the Internet with special emphasis on social networks.