Myroslava Kozachuk

Co-founder and shareholder of “Franchise Group”,”First School of Franchising” project initiator, leading franchisor in Ukraine and abroad. Myroslava carries out operational management of business and directs strategic consulting on the development of franchising networks and access to international markets.

Professional competences of Myroslava: the strategy of franchising development in the company; creation and development of franchises; selling franchises; business processes optimization; entering foreign markets.

Professional achievements of Myroslava: development of 130 franchises with further successful development of the network, membership and partnership with the International Franchise Association (USA) – the largest and most authoritative organization in the field of franchising in the world, launch and implementation of the project “First School of Franchising”,  entry to the European market for 7 Ukrainian companies in the franchising system (2015), status of an exclusive partner of the Franchising Ukraine exhibition, organization and conducting of more than 100 franchising activities in the regions of Ukraine to popularize franchising and development of small and medium-sized businesses, lobbying the bill “On franchising” with the subsequent cancellation of contracts on commercial concession registration.