Nataliia Volnianska

HR-expert, business coach, and consultant.

Up till recently, Nataliya has held the office of the personnel director at PJSC «Khlibprom Concern». Her expertise encompasses more than 15 years of experience in personnel management and corporate development. Previously, she used to work as an HR manager at «Epicentre K» Ltd., as a leading coach of the Business-Training School, the manager of the corporate university at the «Arterium» Pharmaceutical Corporation etc. Nataliya authored a number of scholarly articles dedicated to the issue of personnel management which were published in periodicals.

Nataliya graduated from Donetsk National University, completed HRM-HRD programs, the HRM School at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (KMBS) under the auspices of University of St. Thomas (USA).

Her professional expertise: systemic organization of personnel management workflows, the estimation of HR systems efficiency according to KPI’s, the analysis, description and optimization of corporate business-processes, the development of normative documents for HR units, systemic organization of work with the candidate pool, the elaboration of supervisory systems for different staff categories, the establishment and management of the corporate university and the educational center, competences modelling, assessment centers supervision, professional education of corporate coaches and supervisors, and professional training of HR managers.