Serhii Kovela

PhD, MBA, CITP, Visiting professor. Dr. Serhiy Kovela is a scholar with extensive experience in Business IT and practitioner with expertise in delivering database-driven business software projects, locally and internationally. Through academic or commercial work he helps the audience to understand how IT enables and facilitates modern organisations and the efficient ways of deriving business value from technology solutions.
Serhiy Kovela earned his Master’s and PhD degrees from the Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine, Lviv) in 1996 and 2000, respectively. From October 1999 till August 2003 he held Senior Lecturer position at Lviv Polytechnic teaching databases, security in computing and software engineering, as well as engaging in a number of IT consultancy projects as a database software developer and project manager.
Since September 2003 Serhiy Kovela has been assigned to the Senior Lecturer position at Kingston University teaching Internet systems technologies, global information technology, database systems, project management for technology, strategic project management, and consultancy practice.
Serhiy has also earned an MBA from Kingston in 2010.
On the program MS in Technology Management Serhiy is professor of the course “Strategic planning and project management”.