Anastasiya Dyakun

Anastasiya graduated from the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, studied applied linguistics at the Lviv Polytechnic National University. Currently studies in the Catechetical-Pedagogical Institute of UCU.
Anastasiya has a five-year experience in project management of educational and volunteer projects, she is a co-founder of the DoBro Volunteer Movement.
Earlier she hold a position of a marketing manager at Euroindex (Kyiv), was a director of the Ukrainian business event in the field of authentic leadership, strategic management of business transformations and executive search; co-founder and CEO of the International Cyberdefence Congress CDK 2K18.
Anastasiya was a co-organizer of Cyber Defence Policy Talks in partnership with the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. She works with young people, children and locals in the second and third frontlines (Donetsk region) since 2015.
Creative Consultant at Human Capital Forum.