Intro 2011: Breakthrough Innovations

May 19-20, 2011, Lviv, Ukraine
Every year at the conference Intro the Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University (LvBS) welcomes leaders of businesses operating in Ukraine who discuss prospects for business development in our country, taking into account global trends. In 2009, during a period of crises, we talked about finance and investment issues for business growth in periods of uncertainty. In 2010, with the beginning of a new decade, Ukrainian business leaders discussed the vision of the future for the country and their organizations.

In 2011, when business is gradually returning to questions of growth, the experts of the Lviv Business School have chosen definitely one of the most burning questions for development - breakthrough innovations.

The goal of the national conference Intro 2011: Breakthrough Innovations was to develop new possibilities for generating innovations in organizations at the intersection of ideas, concepts and cultures, and to realize them successfully.

Participants of the conference were executives and top managers of Ukrainian and international companies mostly operating in Ukraine or other Eastern European countries.

Issues raised during the conference:

Day 1. Generating innovations
What methodologies of innovative thinking exist?
- How do we create and cultivate an organizational culture that fosters innovation?
- How do we stay on the frontline of innovation at times of rapid change?

Day 2. Execution of innovations
How can we be among the 5% of successful companies which are capable of executing innovations: Promises for success and reasons for failure?
- How can we successfully build processes for creating and executing innovations in a company?
- Innovative titans: How can we simultaneously combine a systematic approach to organizational development with innovative thinking?

The Book

Part of the conference was the presentation of a translation of the Harvard Business Publishing bestseller The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts, and Cultures. The world best-seller, concerning questions of innovation, was specifically selected and translated for Ukrainian readers. In his best-seller, which has been translated into 17 languages, Frans Johansson leads us on the path of innovation creation at the intersection of ideas, concepts, and cultures.


Joint publication of LvBS and Knowledge@Wharton

In order to spread best practices of innovation that exist in the world, in Ukraine and in Russia, LvBS prepared electronic publications in English, Ukrainian and Russian together with Knowledge @ Wharton (world-known project to generate and share knowledge of the best business school in the world - Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania).


LvBS & K@W project materials at LvBS
LvBS & K@W project materials at Knowledge@Wharton