Conference Intro 2012

Business needs to take creative but reasonable decisions, - National Conference Intro

The fourth national Conference Intro 2012 took place on April 19 in Lviv. Experts had an opportunity to discuss the possible ways of companies' financial and strategic management in times of uncertainty and changes.

Director of the Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) Sophia Opatska says that the yearly conference Intro is a chance for business to discuss the problems of today particularly for this year. As far as uncertainty became the new reality for the companies, one needs to understand how to manage strategies and finances at this point.

"The opportunities for investing at a reasonable price will increase in 2012-2013. - mentioned in her presentation Horizon Capital founding partner and CEO Natalie A. Yaresko. - However the traditional weak points of Ukraine, which frighten off investors, are: pending market reform, absence of the independent juridical system, energy-efficiency, dependence on export of metallurgy and international financial resources".

Natalie Yaresko says this year new considerable threats will arise, while the world economics is still weak and the decrease is possible. "Accordingly it is not clear how Ukraine will react. The slow recovery of the banking crediting and internal demand will also influence the investment climate. Inevitable influence for the economic situation will also have the elections in October 2012".

In the next 40 years, according to the expert's opinion, the world economics will slowly grow: "We won't see the same increase rates as before the crises, - she says. - Nevertheless it does not mean that waiting and "sitting" on one's original business strategy is a solution, you should look for yourself. In the next two years we will still feel the lack of capital and the international financial institutions together with the export credit programs will play the key role in the economics of Ukraine. At the same time the speed of the recovery of the region (both CIS and EU) will be the main condition for the M&A market improvement", - summarized the Horizon Capital CEO Natalie A. Yaresko.

Two panel discussions were held in frames of the Conference, where the businessmen discussed the ways of forming companies' strategies in today's circumstances, examined the most successful strategies of the Ukrainian companies in the times of uncertainty and ways of involving the successors to the forming of the companies' strategies.

"The era of creative but reasonable decisions has come, - considers the director of the "S&G" company Olga Prykhno. - In the times of uncertainty the managers of the companies have to obtain the experience of effective and reasonable business operating as the strongest are the companies which can generate the positive money flow".

Optimization of purchases is one of the ways to increse the company's profits. If we avoid the "black hole of purchases" (purchasing unnecessary goods for considerable amount of money), - we can optimize the costs by 30%. That is the idea from the presentation of Stepan Revych, managing partner of Nexia DK (the general partner of the conference).

This year LvBS raised the topic of business transfer to the successors "This discussion aroused the biggest pother, - mentioned Sophia Opatska. - Ukrainian business approached the point when they need to solve these problems, and we still do not have the best practices. That is why this topic is of great interest and LvBS will develop it in future.
Forming the plans of heritage, to the opinion of Olga Gorbanovska, head of Human Capital in Ernst&Young, is the guarantee for the stable long-term business functioning.

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