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This is the book that seeks for answers to the questions as where demand is created and how we can control it

"The Upside"
In his book ‘Breakthrough’, Adrian Slywotsky presented bold and genuine ideas for rapid business growth, as well as practical tools you can apply right next week

"The Medici Effect"
The book “Medici Effect” is built upon numerous bright stories about intersections in different fields such as business, science, art, and politics

"The Art of War"
It is the first time that The Art of War by Sun Tzu has been translated into Ukrainian. The translator, a historian of Eastern philosophy, is convinced that this philosophical

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Детальніше Family Business Center

Детальніше Family Business Center

Детальніше Family Business Center

Virtuous leadership: validation of the Canadian model in Ukraine Детальніше Leadership Center

More than passion. History of chocolate from Lviv Детальніше Alumni LvBS

Lecturer of Columbia University Greg Muth: what management tools provide achievement goals? Детальніше International Component

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