In his new book Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It, Adrian Slywotzky offers a crucially new approach to analyze demand supported by practical illustrations. It will be interesting not only for business community but also for public activists, authorities representatives, non-profit organizations directors, and other future innovators.

Demand is one of the few economic terms everyone knows about. Demand generates offer. Whenever demand is growing, the growth takes place, new jobs are created, economy booms, and society flourishes. This is how it all looks in theory. It all sounds pretty simple, however, in fact, hardly anyone realizes the nature of demand. Nor do business owners, top managers and politicians who are trying to foster demand and satisfy it. Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It is a book seeking for answers to the questions on where demand is generated and how we can control it.

Reviews of the book:
“Demand Creating…” enchants and enlightens. This is the book you have not realized you needed before you read it, loved it, found to be indispensable for success.”
Rosabeth Moss Canter, Harvard Business School

“Every time you think the stagnant demand stops your company from growing read this book all over again. Our compatriot Adrian Slywotzky, one of the 50 most outstanding thinkers of the world, uses numerous inspiring examples to show us how to create differentiated goods and services with magnetic abilities for the market. They merely cannot but create unprecedented DEMAND.”
Pavlo Sheremeta,  Chair of the Board and CEO of Regional Institute of Blue Ocean Strategy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Head of LvBS Advisory Board

“In this book, Adrian Slywotzky demonstrates how, despite the recession and the times of uncertainty, to create something new and necessary to the clients in decisive, ambitious and integral projects. The success of creating new demand always starts from the same things: a person, a problem, and an idea.”
Sofia Opatska, director, UCU Lviv Business school (LvBS)

The Ukrainian version of the book "Demand Creation…" also includes a special foreword by the author.

About the author
Adrian Slywotzky is a member of LvBS Advisory Board, director of ‘Oliver Wyman’ company, one of the six most influential thinkers in today’s management, according to ‘Industry Week’ magazine; author of world bestsellers on strategic management ‘How Digital Is Your Business?’, ‘The Art of Profitability’. His books ‘The Profit Zone’ and ‘Value Migration’ entered the ratings of best business books of ‘Business Week’ and ‘Financial Times’.