During the national conference "Intro-2011: Breakthrough Innovations" held by the UCU Lviv Business school, the translation of the book "The Medici Effect. Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts and Cultures" from the Harvard Business Publishing series was presented through video conference. The world best seller on innovations was specially selected and translated by LvBS for Ukrainian readers. In his book, translated into 17 languages, Frans Johansson takes us by the road of creating innovations at the intersection of ideas and outlooks. 

A multidisciplinary research group makes inventions on how you can read monkey’s mind. A chef mixes unexpected ingredients such as sea hedgehog and lollipops and changes the world of professional cooking. An engineer borrows knowledge on foraging ant behavior in order to develop scout routes for pilotless aircrafts in war zones.

All these innovators show us not just an innovative nature of their inventions but also how they came to them. Frans Johansson believes these innovators came to the Intersection, the spot where ideas from different fields and cultures meet and run into each other, thus changing the world. This results in a sparkle and an explosion of new unbelievable inventions.

Johansson calls this generating of new ideas "The Medici Effect", that is an incredible explosion of creativity that the Medici family from Italy fostered during Renaissance period. This captivating book reveals how we can find the intersections in our own lives and turn ideas into revolutionary innovations. Johansson shows how the three driving forces – movement of people, convergence of research disciplines and rapid computerization – increase the number and types of intersections available to us.

"The Medici Effect"  book is built on numerous bright stories about intersection in different spheres such as business, science, art, and politics. Based on the numerous illustrations – from a man who independently, without any help, created the first written language of Cherokee tribe and taught this written language to others, to the group that managed to break a German Enigma code during World War II – the readers learn how:
- to break associative barriers and look at the problems in a new way;
- to randomly but purposefully combine different concepts;
- to shift from the unknown environment and activity to the unknown;
- to act despite the failures for the sake of implementing the ideas of Intersection.

What can you borrow from rock music, ant behavior, foreign practice of doing business, or the structure of meteorite? You are never going to learn it unless you step on the Intersection. When you are there you can make a discovery that will change the world.

Reviews on the book
“Ukraine itself is at the intersection of ideas, concepts and cultures. It is forced to move from the accent on "Made in Ukraine" to "Deigned in Ukraine". "The Medici Effect" is a very useful book to more successfully think over and organize this complicated transition.”
Pavlo Sheremeta, President and senior consultant at MBOSI, member of Advisory Board of the UCU Lviv Business school (LvBS)

"The Medici Effect" book should be in the library of every businessman. One should not work hard, one should work smart… The book is full of bright examples of generating ideas, their development, and practical implementation."
Taras Kytsmey, president of SoftServe ,Inc.

"Formany Ukrainian companies at the early stage of their development and growth, the ability to generate innovative ideas and, more importantly, to implement and capitalize them could positively change their path."
Sofiya Opatska, director of the UUC Lviv Business School (LvBS)

"The Medici Effect” is one of the most profound books on innovations management I have ever read. Its statement that revolutionary ideas are born at the unknown intersections is a basic principle of creativity that inventors in all spheres should be guided by."
Clayton M. Christensen, professor in business administration in the program of Robert and Anna Cheesik Foundation, Harvard business school

"If I look at Mars research through the prism of "The Medici Effect" I can see the ways that used to be invisible before and the opportunities that should be learnt. Any book with an impact on everyone is much more than just "good for reading". A Dormant, wake up!"
Dr. Jame V. Harvin, leading researcher, NASA program on Mars research

"The Medici Efect" is a bald and genuine study of the subject that is usually considered impossible to analyze. This is the nature of creativity and innovations."

Tom Freston, Chairperson of the Board and executive director, MTV Networks

"Variety of ideas and experience yields incredible results – thye invention. In "The Medici Effect" Johansson presented to us this simple concept in an entertaining manner, in an informative and valuable way. Stop doing what you are in now and read the book!"
Dr Jill Amelio, production engineer, inventor and corporate leader, ex chairperson of the Board of Directors and executive director, Apple Computer

"This is an incredible story; it is well told and interesting. Moreover, it is a revolutionary breakthrough in the way of thinking that can activate creativity with those who are going to spend time on reading it and learn something. It is the highest time for "the Medici Effect."
Gary Moore, senior vice president, department of leading services, Cisco Systems, Inc.