UCU Center for Leadrship

UCU Leadership Center mission is to develop current and next generation Ukrainian business, public and non-profit leaders through world-class research, education and partnership with the leading global Institutes. 



We aspire to be recognized by Ukrainian practitioners and researchers as a globally connected Centre for teaching, research and outreach regarding the awareness, assessment and development of leader character.


Like at Ivey’s Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership, the Leadership Council will be established at the UCU Leadership Centre and will represented by Alumni, students and external stakeholders. It will firmly ground UCU with Ukrainian and global public and business leaders providing totally new for Ukraine direction to the Centre on issues pertinent to leadership, endorsing the Centre’s interests to external constituencies, and raising the Centre’s profile.


Executive Director/Professor will be hired through the international competition.
The Centre will help to calibrate 'Leadership Character’ research by Ivey Professors Seijts, Crossan, and Gandz, who developed a model for leadership character that focuses on eleven dimensions, in Central and Eastern Europe in general and in Ukraine in particularly conducting a survey among business and public leaders.


With Ivey’s guidance, UCU Leadership Center will also develop two case studies on Leadership in Ukraine that will be considered for the upcoming book of global case studies on leadership of  Ivey's Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership. Executive Director/Professor will be expected to work with Lviv Business School’s Executive MBA, MA in Human Resource and Organization Development, MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MS in Technology management and Executive Education programs.


By now LvBS developed few courses on Leadership topic for executive programs. Most courses are built as 2-3-days modules and touch upon issues of self-leadership as well as leading others. Last summer new format of the Leadership course was introduced at some degree programs – mountains-trip with a Leadership-coach, which lead to the great group-dynamic changes and opened new opportunities for reflection.


Ivey approach of Developing Leadership Character, link to virtues, values, and ethical decision-making by leaders resonates very much with values and goals of programs at UCU. LvBS slogan is Growing Companies by Growing People therefor it will be very natural to integrate a focus on character development into existing business programs at LvBS, both in terms of individual courses as well as enhancing overall curriculum at Business School and at School of Public Management.


By this project and opening of Leadership Center busines school would like to make breakthrough in the methodology and teaching toolsof Leadership courses: Through case studies, self-reflection and team exercises, a 360-degree assessment and post-program coaching. It will allow participants to make a whole journey from a deeper self-awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader through to the skills they need to drive performance, orchestrate change and develop a leadership culture within their organization.


Using international cases already developed by Ivey Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership and local, developed by UCU Leadership Center (with a strong focus on values and ethics implementation) as well as research done globally and nationally or regionally (CEE) will bring new content for discussion in the classroom.


Executive Director/Professor will be expected to teach OB, OD, HRM and Leadership courses for the School of Public Management’s  Master of Public Administration Program and Executive Development Programs.


IntroduceSpecial Leadership events with national outreach and across programs: Annual Alumni Leadership Day; Young Leaders Challenge event; Speaker Series and Signature Leadership Event. The main focus groups for such events we see leaders from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Such combination of leaders being driven by Values is crucial for the future positive development of our country and we look for the national outreach of this project. We such changes we also need to involve participants of different generations – both younger leaders as well as recognized Executives for sharing experience and enabling bigger outreach.


UCU Leadership Center will gather in collaboration such internal institutes as LvBS, School of Public Management and Institute of Leadership and Management. UCU Leadership Centre will also partner with the Academy of Leadership, sponsored by Western NIS Enterprise Fund. 


Project Outcomes:
Short - term


1)      Two case studies about Leadership in Ukraine written with a strong focus on values and ethics implementation will be developed
2)      Leadership Character research will be expanded to Central and Eastern Europe in general and in Ukraine in particular
3)      Enhancement of current Leadership and HRM courses at degree programs of Lviv Business School, developing Leadership module for Executive Education will take place
4)      Enhancement of LvBS curriculum at Executive MBA,  MA in HR&OD with strong focus on Leadership Character approach will take place
5)      OB, OD, HRM and Leadership courses for the School of Public Management’s  Master of Public Administration Program and Executive Development Programs will be developed.
6)      Leadership course for Institute of Leadership and Management will be revised
7)      More than 2000 representatives of business, public sector, NGOs, will participate in Leadership events of national scale.
8)      Leadership blog will be developed to change and dramatically increase conversation about Leadership values and virtues and share experience with other institutions



We would like to the make breakthrough in forming behavior and tradition of new generation of leaders in Ukraine in business, public sector and NGO’s through research and education and partnership with the leading global Institutes like Ivey Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership. 


UCU as institution showed it “leadership character” and commitment and now became a role model in Ukraine in many communities therefore we feel that have an incredible opportunity to speak out and be heard.