Innovative program design

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Efficient breakthrough solutions are found and enhanced in a consolidated team supported by best experienced lecturers. This creates a dynamic stimulating environment for development! The environment is also intensified by:

International component holds 50% of the program. These are: best world knowledge from a community of well-known business schools lecturers, two study tours and study at business schools of Central European University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Applied project learning. LvBS - is a school of action, that is why the syllabus is based on the elaboration and implementation of innovative strategy with further reflexion and managerial conclusions. The participants prepare individual projects and implement them with the help of their teachers who give their feedback about further development of these projects, the ways to improve or optimize them.

The content of the MBA program meets all international requirements to the Executive MBA programs. It also includes philosophic, cultural, and historical components that help participants develop their integral personalities. During the course, the participants have a chance to practice their managerial skills, to use the intellectual environment to generate and develop new ideas, to enhance networking, implement creative solutions in critical situations, as well as to apply innovative approaches in their everyday entrepreneurial activity. Study at the Key Executive MBA course not only allows to develop your own competences, but also to apply them in order to reach success and make ambitious breakthrough on personal level and in business.

Master-classes and lectures by invited speakers are usually the most inspiring part of the program. It helps participants get a closer look at the experience and acquisitions of people known for their successful achievements not only in business, but also in art and in public affairs. Among the guests of LvBS are Krzysztof Zanussi, Adrian Slywocki, Mark Albion, Pierre Giullet de Montoux, Vitaliy Antonov, Yuriy Lohush, Kateryna Yushchenko, Myroslav Marynovych, Yaroslav Hrytsak, rev. Borys Hudziak and other bright personalities.

Key Executive MBA required study courses

Developing a breakthrough strategy

- Business as a System
- Breakthrough Strategies
- Leadership of ‘Turning Point' (practice)
- Innovative Business - Models

- Analysis for Making Efficient Management Decisions
- Operational Management
- Managerial Accounting
- Marketing Strategy: Building an Organization Aimed at Market
- Behaviour of People in Teams and Organizations
- Reputation Management: Business - Communications and Public Relations

- Business Philosophy and Organization Ethics
- Business and Management in Globalized Economy (International Study Tour)
- Impact of Macroeconomics on Making Managerial Decisions

 Electives (3 of your choice)
- Legal Aspects of Doing a Business
- Financial Accounting
- Project Appraisal and Risk Evaluaition
- Sales Management
- Project Management
- Organization's Life Cycle and Management of Changes
- Green Business Models
- Social Entrepreneurship

Defense of Key Executive MBA projects
One of major requirements for successful completion of Key Executive MBA program is producing a written project. The project is to summarize the participants' ability to develop strategies and implement them in their own organizations. One of the goals is that in the process of producing a project participants could apply their knowledge acquired during the study at Key Executive MBA program, as well as using reflexion skills and the ability to shape managerial decisions.

‘Guarantee term' of the program
Within the two years after receiving a degree the participants may attend any two courses of the program free of charge!