International Component of the Programme

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The internationality of Key Executive MBA Programme is one of the added values as it gives participants a great chance to experience the differences of global environment, and understand key factors influencing the economic environment both global and that of their own country.

Key international components of the programme include:

  • 30% of the programme's courses is delivered by international lecturers, in particular Business Practice and Management in the International Environment (this also includes training at one of the best international business schools and a certificate upon its completion), Innovative Business Models, Marketing Strategy: Building a Market-Focused Organisation, Managing Organisational Changes, Business Philosophy and Organisational Ethics. In addition, most of other programme courses are supplemented with master-classes and seminars run by international educators and representatives of international business environment.
  • a visiting training module to one of the Central and/or Eastern European countries, which includes studying at a business school and meetings with managers of successful national and international businesses.

    In 2010 - Business School of the Central European University in Budapest, visints to General Electrics ad TriGranit company as well as the Ukrainian Embassy to Hungarian Republic

    In 2008 - Warsaw School of Economics, visit to Intercars Company and breakfast hosted by one of the leading celebrities, a film director Krzysztof Zanussi.

  • a ten-day international study tour to one of the country of the Asian region is an integral part of Business Practice and Management in the International Environment course. It gives an opportunity to learn at first hand about how leading national and international companies operate in China, meet lecturers and attend courses on how to run an international business in China, Pacific region and Asia at one of the best Asian business schools, i.e. Business School at The Hong Kong University of Science & Technologies (a certification upon a course completion), as well as dive into an exotic culture of the eastern country with a remarkable history.