With Ivan Malkovych

"The best way to advertize your business is to have a high-quality product" - Ivan Malkovych

Back at the times when I was launching my own publishing business I did realize I would never be interested in business as such. The only thing I kept in mind was the quality. If I make high-quality books, this will translate into further type quality since my books make the best advertizing for me. This is the opinion of a well-known publisher and a poet Ivan Malkovych.

May 23, he revealed the secrets of his own business and the inspiration sources for one's own business during the meeting of a ‘Business Credo' discussion club of UCU LvBS. The meeting was facilitated by CFC Consulting partner, director and head of Ukrainian representation of Ukraine-British City Club, Vasyl Miroshnychenko.

Ivan Malkovych told to top managers and businessmen how he launched his own publishing house ‘A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA'. He pointed out he had never thought of books in terms of money. ‘I hate being called a businessman, I am a Ukrainian publisher. If I sought for profits I would publish more books, most of them in Russian. My goal is not to sell expensive because I do want the book to reach everyone.'

The publisher also claimed that the present times, the political environment, the information society in particular, hushes down the voice of a poet and the voice of culture in the world. ‘Poets cannot live by their creativity alone. Moreover, in Ukraine, there is a huge problem with the copyright. I am really happy I can live on my labour of love. However, there are only lucky few who are able to survive by literature alone.'

While answering the question of what a publisher will be doing when a paper book becomes a relic of the past, Ivan Malkovych said: ‘There is indeed a problem with paper books, and cannot but be felt. Less and less people are buying paper editions, that is why something needs to be changed. The publishing houses, though, will not be able to survive after everything shifts to e-books.' The businessman believes it is necessary to have an exclusive product to remain in the market. A good example to this is Ivan Malkovych's publishing house. They sold their copyrights to 19 countries in the world.

Those present at the ‘Business Credo' discussion were mostly interested where Ivan Malkovych would find inspiration for his work. The poet's solution is very simple: ‘Oddly, enough, but inspiration is born by chance, in continuous movement and work. I am well aware of what inspiration is. It was God's good will to grant it to me several times. Business is less manifest to me. What gives you most inspiration is when the doors open up in front of you, especially those that have always been there but you failed to see them. Money has never brought any inspiration to me since money rather give you complacency.' Ivan Malkovych also recommends reading a lot in search of inspiration.

What kills inspiration, on the other hand, is when people around you give you too many passes. In that case, a person is glimmering rather than flaming out. Ivan Malkovych also believes that positive criticism always has a positive impact on creativity and work. ‘I am always interested in the opinions of all kinds of population,' he claims. In order to motivate the employees, the publisher contributes, you need to inspire them. It is a difficult task to fulfill in everyday work full of technicalities. However, this motivation yields desired results.

Ivan Malkovych also shared his secret wish: ‘I wish all children in Ukraine could be reading high-quality books of the same value. It is of crucial importance to teach kids from the early childhood to feel themselves Ukrainians,' he concluded.

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