With Yaroslav Hrytsak

"Ukrainian Business feels the necessity to change the rules of game" - Yaroslav Hrytsak

The Ukrainian society today needs to have a deep analysis of the past to be able to make the necessary solutions for today. Especially business feels this necessity, in particular middle and small business as it understands that the preconditions for survival is changing the rules of game, changing the value fundamentals of the society. And the changes come at the moment when people start to feel that it can not be worse.

This idea was expressed by the historian, political essays writer, professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University Yaroslav Hrytsak at themeeting of the discussion club Business Credo of the Lviv Business School (LvBS) on April 5. The discussion "Rich country of poor people" was facilitated by the journalist Vitalii Portnikov.

The historian is of the opinion that the changes come in the society in times of revolutions but revolutions not violent - new motivated elite, who knows how to act and who has two main resources - education and mass media, needs to come to power. With such levers in hands, the elite can quickly change the rules of the game.

The biggest chance for Ukraine - thinks Mr. Hrytsak, is the fact that for the last 20 years the new generation with different values has been forming. And soon this generation will have to take over the burden of taking decisions and this can be considered a chance to create the new country. But the question is still not clear if the most active representatives of this group will stay in Ukraine and in case they do - will they let themselves to be corrupted.

Yaroslav Hrytsak - famous Ukrainian scientist, historian, political essays' writer, doctor of History, professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University, director of the Institute for Historical Research of the Lviv National University, invited professor (1996-2009) of the Central European University in Budapest, first vice-president of the International Association of Ukrainian Studies. Co-editor of the annual "Ukraina Moderna", member of the editor's committee of the periodicals Ab Imperio, Krytyka, Slavic Review, member of the supervisory board of the journal Harvard Ukrainian Studies. Honored professor of the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy". The first Ukrainian historian - owner of the prestige Austrian award of Anton Gindely.