With His Beatitude Lubomyr Husar 

It is not a sin to be rich. It is important for us to treat wealth not as a God, but as God's gift. Do what you are doing now - do it honestly, meaningfully, do it as well as you can. Be good businesspeople; Ukraine needs wealthy people, but it needs honest ones!

This is the way His Beatitude Liubomyr Huzar addressed businesspeople within the discussion club "Business-Credo" meeting on February 16, organized by the UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS). The meeting, held in «business talk» mode, was moderated by journalist Mykola Kniazhytskyi.

His Beatitude Liubomyr believes that one could be a good and an honest businessman simultaneously. "However, it is necessary to work on that, to improve the image of your profession and bring it to the appropriate level. And the Church should help you with that. It is also important for young people to be convinced that being a businessman means choosing an honest and honorary path in life; for the young to want to become businesspeople, not for money's sake only, but to enjoy one's work and bring good to people, as a businessman should be a creative person."

Answering the question how to resist bribery in a corrupt environment, His Beatitude suggested: "I think, there are two ways of getting rid of corruption - to associate oneself with one another and to press for the officials to have fewer rights. Struggle against corruption requires great efforts: it is easy to say "do not give bribes". But nothing will ever change if we do not change it. You would have to gather your colleagues and say: let us try and stop giving bribes, as we need to break this charmed circle at some point."

Liubomyr Huzar is of the opinion that the root of social problems lies in lack of spirituality: "If we do not change the mode of thinking and predatory way of doing things, we will not get positive results. Economic welfare is not the key to success. We lack spirituality: spiritual values do not exclude material ones, on the contrary, they reinforce them. But spiritual values should occupy the first place. Then, the state will be powerful, and its material achievements - strong and useful."

The Bishop of the UGCC thinks that the Church should not create certain visions or ideas about business, but the Church should provide people with God's instructions which could be used for the benefit of oneself and one's near and dear ones: "The Church's goal is to meet with the God, and everything else is a derivate value. To be religious means to meet the God. And as people, we can fill this meeting with certain meaning."

He also called the businesspeople to remember that the talent and ability to be successful in business are God's gifts: "I don't want to simplify complicated things. Nevertheless, think of what you can do to overcome and eliminate those adversities surrounding us to prepare a better Ukraine for our children," summed up His Beatitude Liubomyr Huzar.

His Beatitude Lubomyr (Husar), Archbishop emeritus, Cardinal of the Catholic Church. January 26, 2001 - February 10, 2011 - Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.