With Myroslav Marynovych

Lviv Business School (LvBS) and the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) held a meeting under the Discussion Club "Business Credo" with Miroslav Marynovych on the topic "Democracy as a liability".


Participation in meetings of the debating club "Business Credo" is an opportunity for owners and senior managers to communicate in the format of "business talk" with leading thinkers and opinion leaders in the Ukrainian and international environment.

Among the issues of the meeting:
- where Ukraine can find the moral elite?
- what country can be an exemplary model for development of Ukraine? Ukraine between Asian and Anglo-Saxon models of state-building.
- where the Ukrainian companies can take young leaders? Possible consequences of intellectual emigration.
- war in Libya - a crusade or expanding market for "democratic countries"?

On Thursday, 17 of February at 21.00, guest program "Evening with Nikolai Knyazhytskiy" on television chanel TVi was Myroslav Marynovych - Ukrainian human rights activist, founding member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, Head of the Ukrainian branch of International PEN-club.

Miroslav Marinovich,Vice-Rector of purpose and mission of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukrainian human rights      activist, a publicist, religious studies, one of the founders of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group and International Amnesty in Ukraine, president of the Ukrainian Center of International PEN-club.  10 years was sentenced to the Gulag (1977-1987), a political prisoner. Chevalier of order for "Courage" first degree (2006) and the order of "Freedom" (2008). In 2010 published his 6-volume edition. Scholarship several universities in USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Canada. He performed with his lectures in over 25 countries.

Moderated by - Andriy Shevchenko, national deputy and journalist.

We invite you to participate in the meeting of owners and top management of Ukrainian and international companies interested in meaningful dialogue of business and society.

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