• LvBS in Davos: How can business change Ukraine through leadership based on character?
    23 January 2019 LvBS

    What impact has a leader's personality on improving business practices and stimulating economic growth? What priorities should modern leaders have in order to be prepared for doing business with dignity on the global market? These and other topics where voiced within the panel discussion “Character in Leadership”, during the World Economic Forum-2019 in Davos. The Founding Dean of LvBS was one of the speakers of this panel, so we share some highlights and important thoughts from this global event, where thousands of people from all over the world revealed deeper potential of Ukraine and understanding what investment, technological and creative opportunities Ukraine offers to the world community.

  • “Time of Leadership And Trust”: Center for Leadership of UCU Was Opened In Lviv
    21 October 2016 Leadership Center

    On October 20, a presentation of the Center for Leadership of UCU took place in the Ukrainian Catholic University. The mission of the Center – is to make a breakthrough in the theme researches, the methodology and leadership training. Executive Director of the Center for Leadership of UCU, a professor of LvBS Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi delivered a lecture on the theme “The New Society: the Leader’s Opinion” and told about the development plans of the Center: “Talking about visionary things, we want to be recognized among Ukrainian practitioners and researchers as the world-class experts. And we believe that we will be able to help the world by our cases in the future”.

  • Secrets of “Ukrtelecom” – the First Visit of a Series Alumni Company Visits
    21 October 2016 LvBS

    LvBS started a series of meetings Alumni Company Visit,which was initiated by the graduates of the KEMBA program. The essence of the meetings – is to visit the company, the owner or top manager of which is a graduateof LvBS. This enablesto become better acquainted and to expandhorizontal connections among graduates of all the four long-term programsof LvBS. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to visit the companies,which we usually have a quite limited access to. The first organization, attended by the graduates on October 20, was Lviv branch of “Ukrtelecom” PJSC (a leading branch of the Western macroregion), where the graduates were invited by Viktor Piddubnyi, CFO of the given branch and the graduate of the KEMBAprogram of LvBS.

  • The great start of LvBS 2016 for innovators and HR professionals
    23 September 2016 LvBS

    "We can not avoid learning!" – under such a slogan the training at master's programs of Lviv Business School of UCU MA in Human Resources and Organization Development and MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship was started.

  • "Profit Zone": Vision, actual out of time
    15 September 2016 LvBS

    On 14 of September the presentation of the first Ukrainian translation of the book of the world leading business futurologist Adrian Slywotzky "Profit Zone " was held in Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS). Volodymyr Netak, Director of the Publishing House of UCU, said during the presentation that the idea to publish this book emerged six months ago: "This is a very ambitious goal for the publishing house and we tackled it."

  • Shoji Shiba in LvBS: Breakthrough management is not about the processes following but about their creation!
    12 September 2016 LvBS

    Outstanding Japan expert on management, having studied from the father of the Japan “miracle” Edwards Deming, Deming prize winner, former teacher in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), professor Shoji Shiba had a private lecture in Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) on September 09. He told about his own experience in the creation of the breakthrough management for the industries of Hungary, India and USA, and also he shared his thoughts on leadership.

  • Lviv Business School of UCU received the international accreditation CEEMAN IQA
    07 September 2016 LvBS

    Merit rating CEEMAN IQA (International Quality Accreditation) certifies the international recognition that the accredited institution not only provides business education and conducts researches adhering to the highest international quality standards, but also meets the needs of the customers and contributes to the environment development where it works. This assessment shows in particular a desire for the continuous improvement and innovation, as well as the high level of the corporate leadership and responsibility.

  • IT summer in LvBS: breakthrough strategies and practice of consulting
    08 August 2016 MSTM

    How to generate breakthrough ideas and convert them into a strategy? The participants of the last summer module "Breakthrough Strategies. Development and Deployment", which took place within the educational program MSc in Technology Management in Lviv business school of UCU (LvBS)have looked for the answer to this question.

  • Go outside the box & keep optimism: life-hacks for startups by Joao Perre Viana
    27 July 2016 MSIE

    Joao Perre Viana, a business consultant in 9 countries of Europe and Asia, a lecturer at EADA in Barcelona, and at LvBS in Lviv gives advices and life-hacks for Ukrainian startups.


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