reflexio. Inspiring program for leaders

Think. Create. Change. Namely under such logo during the 2nd – the 4th of February Viziynyi Centre LvBS conducts the inspiring program for leaders. The peculiarity of reflexio consists in uniqueness of the experienced emotions, feelings, ideas, conclusions. We create the atmosphere and fill the program in such way that the participants can look at the usual things differently.  

Value. While communicating with the moral social leaders you will have the opportunity to crystalize real priorities both for effective management of business and for achieving personal success. The aim of the program is not to teach, but to help to understand its role as a leader not only in the framework of organization but in the global scope.

Every participant of reflexio gets the chance to think over the timeless questions of morale, values, responsibility, trust. The obligatory element of the program is to attend a monastery.

reflexio (in Latinreversion) isa unique ability of the human consciousness in the process of perceptual experience of the activity to understand also oneself which results in human consciousness serving as mindfulness.    

For whom:

- for those, who is interested  in personal development
- for those who wants to develop his/her own creative potential and skill to reflect
- for those who sets the long-term goals for oneself and achieves them   

Program. During reflexio the following is expected for you:

  • discussions, meetings, inspired breakfasts with opinion leaders
  • a day of spiritual renewal at the monastery of Saint Gerard in Hnisdychiv
  • a workshop on icon-painting at school «Radruzh»
  • acquaintance with  a practice of attention «Mindfulness»
  • a workshop from actors of  the Theatre named after Les Kurbas on acting skills and singing «Open yourself: feel the body language and give new sounding to your voice»
  • presence under the atmosphere of  the Ukrainian Catholic University

Location: Lviv, Lviv business-school of the Ukrainian Catholic University and the monastery of St. Gerard, urban-style village Hnisdychiv.


Priest Bogdan Prakh, Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Taras Dobko, First vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Myroslav Marynovych, Legal advocate, dissident, vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, a cofounder of the initiative group «The 1st December».

Priest Igor Boyko, Rector of Lviv ecclesiastical seminary, doctor of moral theology, director of the School of Bio-ethics of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Priest Vasyl Oprysko, Redemptorist.

NataliyaKlymovska, Vice-rector of communication and development the Ukrainian Catholic University.

KostyantynShumskyi, Founder of the gallery of the modern sacred arts «IconArt», graduating student of KEMBA LvBS.

Roksolana Kravchuk, Director of the Viziynyi center of Lviv business-school of the Ukrainian Catholic University, the author of the course Open Mindfulness.

Mykola Bereza, Director of the Theatre named after Les Kurbas

Nataliya Rybka-Parkhomenko, Actress of the Theatre named after Les Kurbas

Terms of participation
6 900 UAH (without VAT)
Discount for a couple – 10 %.
Discount for the members of the community of LvBS – 5 %. 
The price includes food, accommodation and transfer.

Registration for a program

Contact person: Roksolana Kravchuk, Director of the Viziynyi center of LvBS. +38 (067) 673-18-76,