Family Business Conference

On June 4-5 2013 the Family Business Center of the Lviv Business School of UCU will hold the international practical conference "Managing the Family Business from Generation to Generation". "Ernst and Young" will become the co organizer of the event.

The aim of the conference is to discuss the effective management of family businesses and the best ways of transferring them to the successors. In fact, the family business in many countries are about 30-40% most powerful companies, one third of the job places, and from 8 to 58% of GDP. However, a recent study of McKinsey shows that less than 30% of family businesses survive to the third generation of owners. And of those 30% less than a half survives to the 4th generation. In the fourth generation the stable income to the owner brings only 5% of what had started.

Thus, for the long-term success of family business forming a succession plan is crucial. For the family business to remain profitable until the fourth generation, that it could bear the primary traditions and values, it is necessary to take care about the successor in advance and to make a decision whether the children of the founder would be the successors. In case yes, one need to properly prepare the next generation of owners and managers.

To the question of succession business owners in Ukraine are often not ready emotionally and strategically. This may be a personal unwillingness or the person or team, who are going to become a successor, can be unprepared. This is due, mainly, to the brief history of Ukrainian business and the lack of traditions in it, including this issue.

Therefore LvBS with Ernst & Young conducts international conference with the speakers who are recognized international experts - the owners of businesses that are already operating successfully in the 3-4 generations, and leading experts who work with the large family companies in Europe.

The speakers at the conference will be:
Heinrich Christen, Partner, Ernst & Young, Switzerland
Roger Krapf, Partner, Ernst & Young, Switzerland
Albert Sych, senior manager, head of legal group, Ernst & Young, Ukraine
Galyna Khomenko, senior manager, "Human Capital" group, Ernst & Young, Ukraine
Claude Cornaz, CEO, Vetropack
Olha Hucal, CEO, Kamion-Oil

The following main topics will be covered: key issues in the family business management, succession planning, maintaining the stability of the family business, family and corporate governance.

The conference will also include the roundtable discussions with the elaboration of decisions on key issues in the family business management and transfer it to the successors.

The conference program can be downloaded here

Contact person:
Anastasiya Hirnyak
tel. + 38 067 673 18 76, +38 032 240 99 58