Course "The Art of Victory" by Adrian Slywotzky

A course in business design, strategy and leadership

This course consists of:
-two days of interactive lectures
-three months of distance learning
-follow-up with author

It is based on a unique program for senior executives and high potential middle managers that has been delivered at IBM, Federal Express, AT&T, Samsung, Microsoft, Hyundai, Nike, Royal Bank of Scotland, Telefonica, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, Philips, Bombardier, Vodafone, as well as leading companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, the Philippines, Beijing and Hong Kong.

It challenges business leaders to think differently about how value creation actually happens in companies, industries and economies, and provides a systematic process and set of tools  for those who want to excel in value creation. Details of the sessions are provided below.

Торіс 1. Value Migration: How and why does market value (market capitalization) shift from old business models to new business designs? How can companies better anticipate and respond to changing customer priorities, and do a radically better job for the customer? 
Торіс 2. Business Design: How we design our product or service matters a great deal. How we design our business matters much, much more. It can make a 3X-10X difference in the value of our company. What are the key tools of business design?
Торіс 3. The Four Value Chain World: Once separate industries are colliding in a way that accelerates both value migration and value growth. What can we learn from the winners in this new game? How can their ideas make my business stronger?
Торіс 4. Demand: Who are the best companies at new demand creation? Which of their practices are proprietary and non-copiable, and which of their practices can I learn and apply to create new advantages for my business?
Торіс 5. Business History and Ethics: What are some of the key things that happened between 1860 and 1930 that are directly relevant to my business today? Can you be an ethical leader and still create the best businesses in the world? How is it that many of the very best businesses today are built by the most ethical leaders? What do they know that I don't?
Торіс 6. A Community of Leaders: What's the best industry transformation ever accomplished? Was it done by one leader, or a community of leaders? What is my own personal leadership model? How much can it change/improve in the next 12 months?

The lectures are highly interactive. They are followed by a  carefully designed and structured self-study program that is unconventional, creative, fun and tough. Very, very tough. The program will last 3 months after completion of the course, where each participant will receive individual tasks with which they will run for 12 weeks. After that Adrian Slywotzky will come again to Lviv to follow up with participants.

The program includes extensive readings in Ukrainian and English, and specific exercises to be applied to your business. The program can be done singly or in groups. The author strongly recommends that more than half the work be done in groups because a group based approach:

a) gets results faster
b) is a lot more fun, and 
c) is a unique way to build a much stronger, more fast-paced team

The lectures have received extremely high scores from participants. However, the self-study component is far, far more important than the lectures. Its key objective is to develop a very hard-edged, independent style of thinking. The self-study component develops the mental martial arts skills required to achieve mastery of the golden triangle of value creation:
-business value
-ethical leadership
-social/community value

The course is taught in English.

Before the course Adrian Slywotzky recommends to read the following books:
Value Migration by Adrian Slywotzky
The Profit Zone by Adrian Slywotzky
The Art of War by Sun Tzu 
The Iliad (Ukrainian translation by Borys Ten)
Titan by Ron Chernow
Meet You in Hell by Les Standiford
New and Improved by Richard Tedlow
Demand  by Adrian Slywotzky

Adrian Slywotzky is the member of the Advisory Board of LvBS, one of the most prominent specialists in modern management, author of the international bestsellers on the issues of strategic management, partner of Oliver Wyman,  he was elected to the 50 Global business thinkers and to the Top 25 Business consultants. In the past year, Adrian Slywotsky issued his new bestseller Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It. Lviv business school of UCU (LvBS) published the Ukrainian translation of the book.


Date: April 10-11
Place: Kozelnytska 2a Street, Lviv.

Price of the course:
Individual price - 9400 UAH (excluding VAT)
A team of 5 persons - 39400 UAH (excluding VAT)
A team of 10 persons - 69400 UAH (excluding VAT)

Early registration (until March 28) - discount 5%
Members and graduates of Key Executive MBA, Community LvBS, Corporate and long-term LvBS programs discount 10%

For registration contact with:
Ostap Lutsyshyn, +38-032-2409958, +38-067-6731876 
Anastasiya Hirnyak, +38-032-2409958, +38-067-6731876