Leading Small Business Effectively


Program tasks:
In present-day economic environment, directors of small businesses should efficiently and promptly take operational and financial decisions that are able to change company’s position at the moment and foster its further growth.

‘Leading Small Business Efectively’ program was tailored to meet the demands arising through all life cycles of small companies, starting from their establishment or acquisition up to their spread or selling. The knowledge that the program offers will help heads of small businesses avoid common mistakes and create a solid basis for sustainable financial success at all stages of the life cycle.

During five modules you will analyze thoroughly selected case studies, participate in group discussions, and have presentations and consultations with experienced lecturers. You will learn how to provide for growth in complicated market conditions.

Key skills and knowledge after completing the program:
Analyzing stages in the evolution of your company you will discuss the topics directly applicable to small business:

1. Major aspects of managing the company and strategic planning
- I am director.
- Company management in times of uncertainty
- Assessment of internal situation and competitive environment
- Strategic canvas of business

2. Marketing activity
- personal brand of the owner/director
- promotion, advertising and PR
- sustaining and increasing of sales
- social networks and internet-marketing
- consumer behaviour

3. Sustaining development and preserving business
- internal and external challenges in the development of business
- legal aspects of doing business
- actual assessment of your company worth

4. Financial management
- understanding financial infrastructure for small companies
- studying the options for financing business
- defining financial obstacles for growth
- financial and management accounting

5. Human resources management
- search of the right people
- recruiting and selection
- performance analysis and developing the system of rewarding employees
- motivational climate
- corporate culture
- leadership

The program aims at small business owners, directors or other decision-makers in small companies. One of key advantages of the ‘Efficient Management in Small Business’ program is an opportunity for business owners to meet and share ideas with the colleagues who face similar problems.Upon completion of the program the participants receive a certificate of the UCU Lviv Business school (LvBS).