LvBS is media-partner of the conference OutSourcing Forum 2013

Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) is media-partner of conference OutSourcing Forum 2013.

It is important to determine, which of business processes produce most profit  to the company, to understand whether they can be sent to outsource, considering the complexity and importance of cost of business processes, freeing up production capacity and saving  on costs inside the company and focusing only on the key business processes that gives most income to the company. Or decide that specific business tasks could be done better and more efficiently by specialized companies, and significantly save your time.

More than 150 participants of Outsourcing Forum 2013 during the presentations and panel discussions:

- Will consider ways to optimize the usage of resources
- On practical cases of large companies (banking, agricultural products, pharmaceutical, IT-companies) will analyze and will assess possible risks in outsourcing
- Will learn about the steps of building a system of profitable relationships with outsourcing companies
- They will see opportunities for the profitability and efficiency increase of the company by giving various business processes outsource
- Discuss the problems of management and control in the process of outsourcing.

Speakers of the Forum will discuss following topics:

- “Back Office Outsourcing – is the way to increase efficiency and profitability for the B2B-service companies" | Alla Bronishevskaya, Vice President General Counsel Atlantic Group
- “The experience of telecom operators and companies network using outsourcing (on the example of company Nokia Simens | Huawei)" | Yuriy Ishmaev, head of department in J'Son & Partners Consulting
- “Outsourcing of opening and running a medical business processes on the example of “MorshinKurort” | Zadvorsky Dmitry, director and owner of company "Farm document"
- “The real experience of management of distributed team up to 10 people" | Kir Gorshkov, the owner of Creative advertising agency
- “BPO as a tool to increase the efficiency of the company" | Constantine Yakovchuk-Bessarab, Director of business development department, WinTRADE
- “Outsourcing of B2B-sales and  training B2B-sellers for large FMCG-companies with large networks of dealerships" | Valery Glubochenko, Vita Kravchuk, B2BSalesup
- “Corporate social responsibility: outsourcing of procuring office and his staff with drinking water" | Eugene Krivonos, Development Director of Nebesna Krinitsya LTD
- Panel Discussion | Alexander Yakovlev, Valery Glubochenko, Dmitry Pryadko, Cyril Kunitsky
- "Personnel Outsourcing - an additional tool to improve the efficiency of warehouse logistics" | Victor Baranowski, "Logisticheskaya Masterskaya"
- “How to transfer process to provider and get the expected result / Practical case of client" | Marina Makarenko, CEO ofIntercomp Ukraine If you have further questions, please enquire:

 Companies` Profileagribusiness, finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, metallurgy, construction, light industry, food, tobacco, chemicals, telecommunications, IT, retail.

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