Reflexio. Christmas Mystery

What does the end of December mean for us? This is a time when we think about the last year, sum up what happened, and make plans for future. It is important not to forget anything in the gone year and to complete everything by the end of the year.     

Furthermore, in the advent of the holiday season, we try to stop and ask ourselves about changes in our lives: Did I become better? Did I live this year the way I had planned? What should the new year be like?

Reflexio: Christmas Mystery is an invitation to discard what is urgent in order to reflect on what is important. We offer this program to help you immerse in the mystery of Christmas. To feel the creaking snow, the blazing Christmas fire, hear the Christmas carols, smell the fragrant Christmas tree… to think what the Christmas star means to us and how we celebrate our Christmas miracle.

The Lviv Business School will hold Reflexio for a second time. This is a unique program, which is created at the intersection of business, philosophy, and the humanities. The uniqueness of this program is in the experience of outstanding emotions, impressions, thoughts, and conclusions. Every time we create an atmosphere and fill the program in way so that the participants will experience ordinary things in an extraordinary way. The unchangeable pillar of the program is the venue – the monastery. The silence of a monastery helps every participant to reflect on issues of morality, values, responsibility, and trust. 

Date: December 19-22
Cost: €330 (registration before December 6), €400 (registration after December 6).

For more information please contact Halyna Onyshko,, 067 673 18 76