Innovations and traditional medicine: What’s next?

The Lviv Business School invites you to a meeting with Yury Monczak, the Director of Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, Professor of Genetics at Montreal and McGill Universities in Canada. The seminar will take place on December 13.

Yuriy Monchak will speak about:

- Innovational approaches to medical treatment: from general to personal medicine – is it possible to fight cancer?

- How will achievements in science, particularly in human genome research, affect innovation development? 

- What challenges must humanity face as a result of new breakthroughs in medicine: genome research, cloning, designing cures?

 Time: 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Place: Lviv Business School, Lviv, 29 Stryiska Street, room 305, UCU academic building.

Please email to register.  
Registration is required. 

Additional information

Yury Monczak is the Director of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory and a Professor at McGill and Montreal Universities in Canada. He conducts research on the human genome using molecular diagnostics. In Dr. Yury Monczak’s laboratory scientists seek cures to different types of cancer. One of the professor’s scientific interests is bioethics, which is the study of ethical and moral issues which arise in modern science, in particular medicine.

Yury Monczak thinks that traditional medicine will disappear in a few years and that individual treatment will replace it: “The revolution in medicine lies in the ability not only to treat but also to predict disease and prevent damage from it”

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