For all international friends and colleagues!

Volodymyr Vasylenko,
judge of the International Tribunal: “Ukrainian society is trapped in the situation where a person who considers himself a President of Ukraine, is no longer legitimate. Crimes which he committed delegitimized him. He stopped being the guarantor of the Constitution and became the threat to the national security of Ukraine. Therefore the reaction of the Ukrainian society towards his regime is lawful and just and is based on the principles of the rule of law. In this case, the nation is realizing their right to uprising, based on the Human Rights Declaration and Article 5th of the Constitution of Ukraine.”

Mahatma Gandhi: For truth to win over force, we will need support from all the world.

For those who don't follow everything on FB - key figures, emotions, take aways from recent developments in Ukraine in booklet (Infobooklet about the events of 19.02.2014) and here: 

Please spread the word. Colonels of the Internal Forces, as we speak, start to pledge their loyalty to the nation, but it might not be enough to stop bloodshed.