Lviv Business School of UCU invites management teams to participate in a practical training program for the study of marketing tools, marketing strategy, and competition with MarkStrat. MarkStrat is a business simulation game that according to Financial Times is the world leader in business simulations. 25 of the top 30 business schools in the world have been using MarkStrat in their programs for over 30 years. It allows participants to perfect their skills in strategic thinking and planning, to apply previously acquired knowledge and test real strategies by gaining experience in a risk-free platform. The participants will also be able to try their hands at designing and launching completely innovative products on the market (Blue Ocean Strategy).

MarkStrat business simulation software allows participants to:
- Get hands-on experience in a competitive environment (the ability to learn from mistakes)
- Learn and consolidate in practice skills in strategic thinking and planning
- Apply strategic concepts and implement real strategies in a modeled competitive space

Participants will have the unique opportunity to not only work with the existing highly competitive market, but also try their hand at designing and releasing new innovative products on the market (Blue Ocean Strategy).

MarkStrat business simulation helps participants to develop the following administrative and marketing skills:
- Monitoring and analysis of the market situation, the actions of competitors
- Long-term strategic planning and competitive strategy
- Development and implementation of strategies for managing a portfolio of brands – from initiation (idea), development (R&D), to releasing an promoting brands on the market (4P = 4C)
- Planning and execution of marketing budget
- Flexible adaptation of marketing initiatives to internal business processes in the company (production, composition, sales and distribution, financing projects with lending institutions, etc.)
- Formation of a general view on the business as a whole (interaction with the directorate of the company) and a specific view on a particular brand, including analysis of KPI of an individual brand.

MarkStrat helps participants to develop leadership skills, enrich their experience of teamwork, and helps them effectively hold discussions. The simulation is built in full compliance with reality – to be successful, companies and leaders need to be the best at the following:
- Forming a clear vision of the future
- Providing incentive to change and to open communication in the company
- Cultivating an atmosphere of tolerance for failure, understanding ones’ and other participants’ strengths and weaknesses
- Establishing and maintaining the relationship between all of the company’s business sectors
- Constantly searching for and analyzing new opportunities

What distinguishes MarkStrat from other business simulations:
- Real immersion into a competitive environment. Teams are in direct competition with each other
- Use of generally accepted marketing techniques and approaches to doing business. MarkStrat’s mathematical model is regularly updated according to changes in the global market economy
- MarkStrat’s emphasis is on developing abilities to work with strategic perspectives
- Teams develop and implement a strategy for several years, with the possibility (as opposed to reality) to immediately see and evaluate results
- Formation of knowledge and skills. To succeed in the simulations, participants need to find a way to optimally use knowledge in different areas: finance, marketing, operations management, people management
- In a short time (3 days), participants will work with the brand at all stages of its life cycle
- At the end MarkStrat participants will better understand the interaction of different aspects of business, such as:

  • forming unique competitive advantages
  • the relationship between market share and profitability
  • the effect of the accumulation of experience based on feedback from customers
  • allocation of resources (financial, human, industrial)
  • Barriers / opportunities / market entry time
  • experience of market entry, which did not exist before

Requirements for participants:
- Middle and senior management (cross-functional teams are welcome!)
- Presence of at least two laptops per team with MarkStrat installed
- Knowledge of English is desirable. Participants will get explanations and support from coaches

Date: June 5-7
Place: Lviv Business School
Price for team of 4 members:
registration up to May 16 - 23500 UAH
registration up to May 23 - 25500 UAH
For member companies of LvBS Community 10% discount.

For more information please contact Ostap Lutsyshyn:
067 673 18 76