Mission Impossible?

Lviv Business School of UCU together with one of the best business consultants in the world – Adrian Slywotzky are developing new course which will be held on April 15-17. New training course will provide business leaders with new understanding of building and development of company. 

This course will consist of three parts:
- three-day intensive lectures of Adrian Slywotzky
- three-month of individual distance learing in companies
- follow-up course by Adrian Slywotzky

This course will explore 7 topics:

Value Migration: How and why does market value (market capitalization) shift from old business models to new business designs? How can companies better anticipate and respond to changing customer priorities, and do a radically better job for the customer? 

Business Design: How we design our product or service matters a great deal. How we design our business matters much, much more. It can make a 3X-10X difference in the value of our company. What are the key tools of business design?

The Four Value Chain World: Once separate industries are colliding in a way that accelerates both value migration and value growth. What can we learn from the winners in this new game? How can their ideas make my business stronger?

Demand: Who are the best companies at new demand creation? Which of their practices are proprietary and non-copiable, and which of their practices can I learn and apply to create new advantages for my business?

Brand: To build brands, and to engage the entire organization (and every customer) to do so. And, done correctly, brands can be built very, very cost-effectively, much more cheaply than in the past. Learn how companies large and small have done it, and begin putting their techniques to work for your organization, in order to put your team in a position to  build a breakthrough brand within the next 3-4 years. 

Launch: Learn how a handful of companies thought differently about launch, invented new techniques and methods, changed their odds of success from 10% to 90%, and (often starting from nothing) overturned and rocked their industries. For those whose organizations are NOT planning any major launch in the next 2 years, we will ask - why not?

Customer Cryptography: Who will decipher the information our customers are trying to send us - through their purchases, their opinions, their behaviors, and the social forces influencing them? Is the method the same for B2B and B2C, or are they completely different? Experience how the best "customer cryptographers" in the business do it, and how their mindset and methods can help your organization shift from guesswork to precision, to , in some cases, remarkably effective prediction.

Course would be intereste for senior executives and high potential middle managers.

Lecturer and author of the seminar
Adrian Slywotzky is the member of the Advisory Board of LvBS, one of the most prominent specialists in modern management, author of the international bestsellers on the issues of strategic management, partner of Oliver Wyman,  he was elected to the 50 Global business thinkers and to the Top 25 Business consultants. In the past year, Adrian Slywotsky issued his new bestseller Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It. Lviv business school of UCU (LvBS) published the Ukrainian translation of the book.

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