The second group of MS in Technology Management launch

Lviv Business School launches the second group of the program MS in Technology Managemen on October 29. The MS in Technology Management is a partnership project that LvBS implements together with the Lviv IT-BPO Cluster. Twenty-three participants – managers of IT companies – will start the program in technology management.

The curriculum of the MS in Technology Management is based on three pillars – technology, business and management, soft skills. Participants will learn IT concepts and strategy, architecture and development of IT solutions, business communications, technology management, finance and business decision-making, management, and leadership. 

"The structure of MS in Technology Management program and the fact that LvBS invited lecturers and guest experts from across the world to provide a wide set of knowledge and understanding of what happens globally, would be very valuable for IT-specialists looking to getting more deeply into IT and technology industry and having a right tools and skills that are nessesary to accelerate your future career." - Manmeet Singh, professor of the course "Finance in Service Companies", Venture Partner at New Access Capital about MS in Technology Management.

The second group will start their studying with Bernhard Katzy, professor at the Leiden University (Netherlands), founder and director of the Center for Technology and Innovation Management (CeTIM), with the course "Emerging Technologies". “The combination of technology and management is very important for society and business,” said the professor. “Because if you are just developers, you do not always know what the consumer needs. On the other hand, if the public does not know what the developers are doing, their interests may not overlap, and therefore no value is created. The program in technology management is a way to create communication links between the two – the developers and the community.”