Join the Seminar in Business course

MSc in Technology Management program (LvBS) invites you to attend the course Seminar in Business with Mychailo Wynnyckyi (12-14.11.14).

This course will broadly address the issue of how management decisions are made, referencing both strategic and tactical decision-making inside companies, and interactions between external service-providers and decision-makers within client companies. The focus will be on understanding the tools, paradigms (models of thinking), personal styles, and processes that are used to make major decisions. 

By the end of the course, participants will:

1) be able to identify generic behavioral styles of senior managers, will understand how styles of decision-making change according to managerial role, and depending upon the lifecycle stage of a company; 

2) understand the fundamental decision-making tools commonly used in corporate decision-making, and will be aware of the paradigms/models underpinning these tools.

3) understand the importance of culture (organizational & social) to managerial decision-making;

During the course, participants will reflect on the balance between rationality and non-rational (emotional) aspects of managerial decision-making, and will come to appreciate the degree to which management is an “art” rather than a “science”.

Special discounts for the course:

  • Special offers are available for 2 and more representatives from one company;
  • Special discount for Lviv ITBPO Cluster companies.

For further information, please contact:
Dzvinka Zavaliy,

About the professor:

Wynnytsky Mykhaylo

Ph.D., Professor of Sales Management, Director of the Doctoral School at Kyiv-Mohyla National Academy.
He has Ph.D. in Economic Sociology in 2003 from the University of Cambridge (Great Britain). His doctoral thesis was on Entrepreneurship in Post-Soviet Ukraine. Prior to this, in 1997, Mykhaylo received his Master's degrees in Sociology and Political Studies from Cambridge.
During seven years he worked as a Vice-President on Sales and Marketing for Lava Computer Mfg Inc. in Toronto. He led the company to a dramatic growth and expansion across Northern America, Western Europe, South-Eastern Asia and Australia.
Nowadays he holds a position of the Director of the Doctoral School at Kyiv-Mohyla National Academy, where in addition to his lecturing at the Department of Sociology and Business School, he leads a project aimed at transforming a traditional Ukrainian post-graduate school into a European-type doctoral school. For the past five years, Mykhaylo has been consulting, and his clients include such Ukrainian companies as Avtek, Asbis, KZESU, Euroindex, Rosava, Plazmatek, and others.