Discovery! International Program in Leadership

Lviv Business School of UCU and Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), London, invite you to participate in the executive education program – Discovery. ILM is a leading body in the leadership development programs. The program is specially designed for leaders and managers with high growth potential and has been run for more than a decade throughout successful companies in Europe, like IKEA. For those who are already in team leadership positions, the programme will help them to structure their knowledge and understanding and draw on their practical experience of how to lead effectively. The Discovery programme, which evolved from an original Challenger Leadership Development Programme, has been successfully supporting talented individuals achieve their leadership potential since 2003

To date, the programme has produced many successful leaders who were promoted within global organisational structures, and has many genuine success stories to tell.

In recognition of its excellence, in 2013 the Discovery Leadership Development Programme has been endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management for Europe. It means that the Programme not only meets their demanding curriculum standards but also complies with honours quality requirements set by the Institute.

Upon successful completion of the programme each participant will receive a certificate issued by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

The program consists of five modules:

1. Leading High Performing Teams

Delegates will have a much deeper understanding of themselves and others and be better able to relate to others, especially those who have diverse/different opinions to themselves. They will be better placed to head up teams or projects and work with others more effectively.

2. Leadership and Communications Module

Delegates will have heightened awareness that one size does not fit all – and be able to tailor their communications for more effectiveness; they will begin to feel more confident on their feet presenting and speaking and will be more observant for non-verbal cues in communication. They will be more aware how important communication is for leadership effectiveness and strive harder to improve their communication skills, especially listening.

3. From Self Awareness to Self-Leadership

Delegates learn about themselves – how to manage themselves more effectively and how to use their ‘new selves’ to influence others more effectively. They are more assertive and confident and more capable of dealing with conflict issues productively. Their self-belief increases realistically.

4. Leadership and Change

Delegates will be more open to challenging old ways and be equipped with some powerful techniques for being more creative and turning these ideas into innovative and useful solutions. We recognise the inevitability and value of change and how to help make change happen in the organisation.

5. Management versus Leadership

Delegates understand how to manage individuals effectively and how to inspire and provide leadership in both good and bad times. They acquire a leadership ‘toolkit’ which allows them to use different styles according to the need.

Each module envisages a pre-work preparation. There would also be an additional one day closing ceremony day for the program, where candidates present their feedback / learnings during which also the ILM certificates are handed out to successful participants.

At the end of the programme delegates should be:

  • More assertive and influential
  • More proactive and initiating
  • Exhibit more impactful communications
  • More confident
  • More creative and open
  • Clearer focused, priority driven
  • More strategic in thinking processes
  • Exhibit more emotional maturity and be better able to work with others
  • Demonstrate more leadership capability

The program is run in English.

Program start: 9th of November 2016.

Program сost: 
Individual participation - 3 350 USD (without VAT)
Team of 2 participants - 6 550 USD (without VAT)
Team of 3 participants - 9 750 USD (without VAT)

Daniel Lewis has over 30 years of management experience in Blue Chip companies such as Nestlé, General Motors, SABMiller and Heineken.
He assisted Companies in the development of management and leadership skills. He was involved in a successful corporate culture change after an acquisition in South Africa and trained over 250 people in this process.
Since 2002 Daniel assists companies in accelerating development of leadership capability of high potentials and senior management. He is a qualified coach (Henley Management College), and fully qualified to administer the Myers Briggs (MBTI) and FIRO-B psychometric tools.
He has lived and worked in six different countries and participated in many cross-cultural projects with remarkable success.
Since 1988 Daniel is a Member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (F.C.M.A.) He is also a Member of the Institute of Management Consultants. Daniel is also an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (C.I.P.D.).
Daniel is the author of the ©Challenger Leadership development and Executive Development programs and is himself a highly experienced facilitator.


For more information please contact:

Olha Dolya,, +38 096 687 19 63
Mariana Pankiv,, +38 067 675 6608