The School of Finances for Non-Financiers

What should managers and non-finance people know about the sphere of finance for taking effective decisions. 
The UCU Lviv Business School is happy to invite you for the programme by Mykhaylo Kolisnyk  "The School of Finances for Non-Financiers". 

Target audience of the training seminar:
it is aimed for managers of non-financial structures who wish to increase their knowledge in finance and learn to efficiently take decisions. The participants merge into a business environment for three full days and work on case studies. Financial material is presented in an easy-to-access way which is customized for non-finance people.

The aimof the training seminar: 
The main goal of the training seminar is to offer to managers of non-financial structures decision-making skills as based on financial arguments. Since most arguments in decision-making processes are financial the main goal of the training seminar is also to learn to efficiently apply these arguments in everyday work and communications both with finance and non-finance people.

Practical skills of managers after completing the training seminar:
Completing the training seminar the managers of non-financial structures will learn the skills:
- To use financial terms in the process of communication both with finance and non-finance people;
-To effectively use financial arguments in the negotiations process, during justifications, presentations, defence of their own position in the process of their managerial activity
- To duly classify expenses of the company to justify and make line decisions
- To identify the break-even point for the company (CVP-analysis) with several products
- To draw current budgets in the process of operational activity and justify projects with the help of capital budgeting, to monitor and supervise projects
- To assess risks for new projects
- To make quick standard operational decisions on the basis of relevant analysis of expenses