A learning business tour to Israel “Leadership in Business during a Crisis”

Is it possible to develop business in a country embroiled in military conflict? LvBS, ARConsulting, and DYB Ukraine invite owners and CEOs to a learning business tour to Israel “Leadership in Business during a Crisis” to explore the experience of efficient business in conditions of military conflict.

Key elements of the program:

  • - visits to businesses, innovational and industrial parks
  • - meetings with owners and top management of companies (for the sector orientation)
  • - meetings with local authorities and local government
  • - workshops from top Israeli and Ukrainian business experts
  • - visits to businesses in cities that are “on the edge”

You'll learn the secret of success and the peculiarities of business in a country that is constantly in a state of war and always ready for combat:

• How do business, community, and government interact?
• How should one choose the appropriate leadership styles and organizational culture of a company?
• Why is operational efficiency and innovation important?

Dates of the business tour: April 4-9, 2015
Price: $2800

The price includes:
- accommodation in Netanya in a 4 star hotel (double occupancy)
- meals (breakfast, lunch)
- transfers during the program
- conference and academic part, work of business experts and consultants, meetings, working groups
- tours
- insurance

The business tour experts:

Andriy Rozhdestvenskyi, ARConsulting, lecturer at LvBS
Ihor Hut, DYB Ukraine, lecturer at LvBS

For further information about the trip, please contact Yaryna Boychuk
050 317 50 42 067 671 35 16